A Guide to Patio Cushions

Buying cushions for garden furniture is not a trivial expense so you want to make sure that you get it right so that you do not have to repeat the process too often! This guide will help you make the best choice and also keep your cushions looking good once you get them.

Patio cushions are available in garden stores and some department stores and discount stores but you will generally get the best deal online. You will also get the most choice on the web and therefore you will usually find the best possible cushions for your furniture there.

At least these patio cushions will keep the pots comfortable.

At least these patio cushions will keep the pots comfortable.

1. Choose Cushions to Match Your Garden
You may think a garden is a garden and any design of patio cushion will go well with it but if you care about how your garden looks you will see that each garden has a mood or overall look. For example, there are poolside gardens and patios which suit one type of fabric design. These cushions are typically in tropical designs or bright colors. The same kind of designs and colors also suit gardens filled with color and exotic plants. However, if you have a more subtle English country or cottage type of garden you are better to go for a floral design and calmer colors.

2. Get the Right Measurements for Your Patio Cushions
If you are buying cushions to replace those which are worn out or stained then you can measure the cushions which are already on the furniture. They may be beaten out of shape a bit but you will be able to get accurate measurements from them if you are careful. If you don’t have existing cushions then you will need to carefully measure the size of the chair seat (depth and width) and also take the size of the back separately. You will probably find that your chairs are a standard size and you will be able to buy cushions to match but if not you can get custom cushions made to fit. These will be slightly more expensive but they will be worth it to get something which fits your furniture properly.

3. Buy Quality Cushions
Don’t be cheap when buying patio cushions because to a large extent you get what you pay for. Look for quality cushions at a discount rather than something which has a low price to start with. The quality of both the fabric and foam pad are important in getting a cushion which will last. The foam should be firm enough to maintain its shape despite a lot of use while it also needs to be soft enough so that it is comfortable to sit on. The fabric must withstand both sun and water as well as wear and tear so it needs to be tough as well as fade resistant and waterproof. Once you have the materials right look at the quality of the construction. The seams must be well made and the cushion needs to have strong ties to attach it to your furniture and stop it slipping around.

4. Care for Your Cushions
Make sure you look after your cushions when you get them so that you protect your investment. Cushions will benefit from being taken indoors when not in use. Although the fabric is tough (if you buy the right cushions) all fabrics will fade and suffer eventually if left outside in the hot sun and rain for extended periods. The best idea is to have some kind of storage near your patio so that it is easy to put your patio cushions away after use and you are not tempted just to leave them when you are finished sitting on your patio for the day. In any case always take them inside during winter and store them in a dry place so that they look good as new for the following summer.

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