A Patio Covers Purpose

What would having a patio cover be good for if you didn’t enjoy your time with friends and family, right?  Well, that’s what they are all about, enjoying your life more.  So, with this in mind, this article is going to be a little bit of a departure for this site.  We are going to be discussing how to prepare for, plan, and execute a great outdoor patio party.

The key to the whole party planning thing is having timelines and project to-dos.  That way, you can just look up on your calendar and see what needs to be done that day to ultimately be ready for the big day.  Plus, there is always some cleaning and preparation of your space to be done.  This is where we can talk about how your patio covers vine covered seating area will be the talk of the party.  But, not now, we’ll get to that.  First things first, we have to decide who is coming to the party.  This is among the first steps. You’ll need to come up with a guest list.  This helps to not only get a head count, but also to plan for special seating or food choices.  Hey, who knows, maybe even additional wine, beer or other spirits planning as well depending on the type of crowd you hang around with.  This can all be done about two weeks ahead of the party date.

Your Patio Cover Will Come Into Play, Just Wait

At the one to two week mark, you’ll want to start thinking about hardware.  In other words, do the grills or other appliances work, or do they need some repairs?  Do you need to buy charcoal or gas?  Are all the tablecloths where you think they are?  Have you got the plates and any special order food items taken care of?  This is where you can also do a first stage of cleaning of your patio.  You can start high and work your way down – just like a window washer.  This could mean knocking down any cobwebs that have found their way into or around your patio cover.  Maybe your hanging pergola vine garden is in need of some trimming.  This would be a good time to fix and broken bricks or misplaced pavers and such.  You can also ensure that all your outdoor lighting is working properly.  Check to see if your garden lights or strung patio lights all work.

At about the two to three day mark, you can start shopping for your everything but the perishable food items.  Make sure you know what food you’ll be cooking and when to avoid the frantic serving at the last minute to starving guests phenomenon.  You can clean your grill (again) if you haven’t done this step.  Finish the lighting do another cleaning of your outdoor patio furniture.  Get those patio furniture covers off and make sure the chair cushions are in good shape.  You probably could have done this at the week ago mark.  In any event, do another sweeping of your covered patio and you can hose down any areas that are particularly dusty.

One More Day and the Patio Covers Ultimate Purpose Will Be Revealed

covered patio

Here's a party that moved outside because a great patio area.

You’re almost there!  On the day just before your big party arrange the furniture and pick up any items that you are borrowing or buying as far as seating, tables, umbrellas, patio heaters and lighting goes.  This is when you can shop for the perishable items that you want to be as fresh and crispy as possible for your guests.  You’ll probably want to do another re-cleaning of your house and the patio area.  It might just require some quick spot or attention cleaning.

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After you (or a teenage child) gets the cleaning done, you can prepare as many of your recipes and ingredients as possible.  Thaw what needs to be thawed in the refrigerator.  On the morning of the party, buy the ice, fill the coolers, decorate the tables and lay the table cloths.  Prepare your foods as you have scheduled and make sure your patio is not going to be too hot or wet from your sprinklers turning on in the middle of the whole thing.  You can invest in some patio shades for the areas that your patio cover just doesn’t help you with for shade.  Just before guests begin arriving, you can turn on the music (if you haven’t already been jamming this morning in excitement), set the lighting and get the appropriate drinks open.  Now, sit back relax and enjoy the party with the rest of your guests out on your patio.  You can take the time to enjoy all the hard work and planning that went into your party as well as your patio cover designs that helped create this wonderful setting.

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