A Pool Fence Review

With all that you have to be concerned about with your children or pets, the last thing you want to worry over is whether your patio is safe.  Your patio space is where you want to go to be relaxing and enjoying your down time.  If you have to be concerned about where your children are, then your mind will not be winding down.  Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem.  The answer is with pool fences.  Taking note of proper pool care outside will relieve you of all kinds of anxieties and worries about your loved ones.  This applies whether you are going to buy cheap swimming pool chemicals and do the maintenance yourself or whether you hire a professional.  But, those issues are for another article.

This may not sound like ground-breaking information to you, pool fencing has been around for many years.  However, it wasn’t until more recently that our favorite type of fence was introduced, invented actually.  You see, while safety is your primary concern, you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice the looks and flexibility of your patio design and layout.  Your swimming pool landscaping looks great, don’t ruin it with a big block wall or some thick, heavy duty metal fence.  Worse yet, those chain link fences of the past do your patio design ideas no favors.

So, what is a better solution to getting the safety, look and flexibility you want from your fence?  Our favorite is the mesh pool fence.  It goes by other names as well, like safety pool fence.  What you will first notice about it is its relative non-intrusiveness.  This fence will not stick out like an eyesore on your property.  There are several reasons for this.

The mesh fabric of the fence itself, while ‘solid’, is still less visually blocking than a traditional ½” or ¾” tube steel fence.  Plus, since you can get them in black, there is less competition visually for your eyes with regard to the background.  In other words, this means that your landscape will not take a second seat to your pool fencing.

Another key feature of this mesh fencing that makes it great is the way that it is installed.  Even if you have already had your pool for many years, this application can be installed.  The way it is done is using a special tool that bores holes into the pool decking.  It removes cement cylinders that look like core Earth samples.  Then, the fence posts are placed in those holes around your pool.  Because it is flexible to use, your fence can have a more organic shape, rather than straight lines of long spans.  Because of this installation, your pool fence can be removed if you ever need to take it down or remove it for a party or some other reason.

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