A Word About The Perfect Patio Cover

Just like in life, there are a variety of definitions of perfect, especially for patio covers.   What’s the perfect body?  How do you know if you do a perfect job?  The perfect life?  What’s the perfect home, ie. the dream home?  It’s hard to define, because everyone’s taste is different.  The same is true about the design of your outdoor patio and how you choose to cover it.  Think of a covered patio for a minute.   What comes to mind?  Again, the image you see will be based upon the image in your mind’s eye regarding all of the patios you’ve seen in your life.  Maybe you had one in the house you grew up in.  You might have had your patio furniture out there, BBQ grill, nice little garden area.  Or, like some, you remember a fake plastic type rug material covering your cement slab with some plastic chairs and that was called your patio.  That’s the point – patio cover designs take all shapes and sizes.

Great Patio Cover Designs Are More Than Just Expensive Patio Furniture Covers

In other words, hopefully who ever you have build a patio cover (unless you plan on doing it yourself you brave soul) had better have some taste that you trust or has a very good idea of what you want done.  If not, you’re in danger of having a very expensive and probably boring looking cover for your patio furniture.  That’s fine, you need covers for your chairs and benches and all that stuff too.  It’s just that you might not necessarily want it to be just for that purpose.

In most cases, when there is an expensive patio set, the owners will have separate covers for those pieces or simply use them in the outdoor environment when entertaining and then move them back into a more protected area when not in use.  This is a pain, so most people opt for the covers.  So, when you are building this patio and making decisions about how or what you will use for a cover, remember how you will be using your furniture and the type of space you’d like to create.

The Simplest Of Outdoor Patio Covers

Pergolas like this can support growing vines and flowering plants.

Pergolas like this can support growing vines and flowering plants.

Probably, one of the simplest in design and often most elegant in appearance are the pergola type wood patio covers.  Often mistakingly referred to as a gazebo, a pergola has more of an open patio roof structure to them.  Many gazebo covers are more roof-like in appearance.  They may not be a solid, water shedding type structure, but often it lets much less water fall directly beneath it.  In the case of a pergola, the roof or cover has more of a criss-crossed beam structure to it.  It’s not quite like a garden lattice, but it may employ a lattice piece in its design elements.  Overall, the pergola is more versatile as well.  You can plant climbing vines or other greenery that will grow up the posts of your pergola.  A cool, shaded patio cover can be created by using these climbing vines planted in the ground near each post of your pergola.  Or, you can opt to have them in large pots near each post that can also help create that exotic look.   However you choose to cover your patio, make sure you keep these design elements in mind.

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