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Me and grandpa back in the day.

Me and grandpa back in the day, playing the harmonica for me.

Hello and welcome to Patio Covers Place.  That’s me, Mike, sitting on my grandfather’s lap trying to fiddle with that harmonica he was playing for me many years ago.  My passion for enjoying life more in the outdoors – backyard outdoors – was distilled in me from my early family life.  My grandfather was a carpenter and I’ve enjoyed building things with wood for most of my life – it must be in my genes as they say.  I’m an avid DIYer and continually enjoy being out on my patio.

Finding the right information about patio covers and patio living features and accessories is pretty boring, I found. That’s why I was inspired to try my hand at bringing more life and design to this field. I’m committed to finding answers to many of the questions people have when they are first searching online for help with their plans and ideas for how to best create their dream patio.

My dream patio and backyard is the one that brings me together with my friends and family.  Here’s to hoping I can help you do the same with yours!