Aluminum Patio Covers

Whether you have always built with wood or simply enjoy the warmth and depth that wood allows, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is to use other materials.  We’ll be discussing both building a patio cover with aluminum and wood and the ‘costs’ that go into them.  But, there are other considerations to think about as well.  For one thing, what about maintenance?  Some people forget or simply don’t realize that when you build an outdoor structure, like an extended covered patio or a pergola, there is a maintenance process that goes along with them.  By building an aluminum patio cover, you can save yourself some of these hassles.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of this type of material with regard to designs, first.  Then, we’ll move on to why building with this material can be easier than you might think.  It is also an ecological decision if such things matter to you.  Using wood that is not sustainably harvested leads to a loss of our natural resources, something that an outdoor enthusiast like yourself might frown upon.  About the design, you can have any of the same features that other patio covers have; lattice type patio roof, attached or free-standing, double or single header support beams, you get the point.

Basically, the design issue is not as relevant as others.  The one point you might miss with this type of material is the look and feel of real wood.  After all, wood does have a very warm and handsome look about it.  The next style or brand that is the most popular in this category does come in a cedar-embossed finish and can be ordered in a variety of colors.  You see, wood has its place, it is just not right for every application.

Alumawood™ Patio Cover Kits

As was just mentioned, this brand of patio cover is made to have the natural grain pattern of the popularly used outdoor wood material, cedar, but with a fraction of the maintenance issues.

With this type of material, you can enjoy the benefits of your shaded patio space, without the weekend chore of having to either repaint or restain each year, as recommended with natural wood.

One aspect that homeowners need to think about is cost.  And, yes, using this type of pre-fabricated material may be a bit more of an investment initially, but not always.  Often, you can find these DIY kits for about what you would pay to have a real wood patio cover built.  If you consider that a typical 10′ x 14′ attached style of aluminum patio cover sells for ~$1,600 USD at the local large home improvement warehouses and this  Alumawood™ style sells for about the same, you can see that they are right inline with the pricing structure.  You might spend about the same, maybe $1,200-1,500 USD, for wood materials to build your patio structure yourself.  However, the real payoff comes in terms of that maintenance issue.  If you believe that time is money and wasted time is wasted patio lounging, then you might consider getting one of these aluminum patio covers.

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