Awnings for Home

There are a variety of awnings for home and garden use.  The most common styles are the roll up awning and the retractable awning.  Why these styles are the most popular is no accident.  They are both very convenient to use and provide wonderful flexibility for the homeowner.  Some of these styles feature manual opening and closing mechanism while others are powered.  We’ll get back to those in a moment.  Needless to say, the main reason for patio awnings is because you are looking for shade for your deck or patio space.

With the various styles mentioned, there are sub-categories or classes within those.  As far as the different names, don’t let those confuse you.  Depending upon manufacturers and the online sites you are searching, the names of the awnings or canopies or patio covers will all be used interchangeably.  For the most part, how we like to categorize them here at Patio Covers Place is to say that a canopy is going to be something that is a more temporary type of structure.  You’ve seen these called garden canopies or sometimes pop-up canopies.  They go by various terms, but the end product is the same.  These are often a vinyl awning type of material, which has its benefits and drawbacks.  There are more durable and more esthetically pleasing models, but they all function essentially the same.  These are quite easy to assemble and set-up, hence their other name ‘pop-up’ or ‘easy-up’ canopies.

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Now, when we begin talking about the more ‘built-in’ or designated patio awnings, then we are talking about items that are made to withstand the elements and last outdoors for many seasons.  Most of these will be described by the name that is commonly used for them.  For example, the term roll up awnings is perfect to describe that particular style.  These are the ones that can retract or ‘roll up’ back into their protective case when not in use.  This term is also sometimes used for the ones that roll up from the patio floor to your ceiling.  These awnings can be manually retracted and opened or can be electrically powered.  Motorized awnings have the benefit of being able to be operated by a switch, remote or light (sun) activated.  Like this one, the retractable patio awning got its name from its function.  These can often be describing the same awning, so make sure to look at pictures and check the specifications.

Because there are so many styles from which to choose, you may find that there simply are not any easy answers in terms of ‘best awning’ or ‘cheap awnings’.  You will really get what you pay for in most cases.  The quality of the materials – the awning and the mechanisms – will largely determine the price you will pay.  Of course, the size of your awning matters as well.  You can also expect to pay more for the motorized awnings.  Consider the investment you make in quality awnings for home an investment in your outdoor patio entertainment.  Enjoy.

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