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At first glance, you might wonder what makes a patio bench one of the most versatile and functional pieces of patio furniture out in your yard or patio.  Then, once you learn about the different options in styling, storage, and materials it all becomes clear.  Most benches are quite mobile, because of their weight and can be made of various materials.  Additionally, getting bench cushions can provide you with even more comfortable seating that will not feel like you got the short end of the stick with regard to seating.  If you take a look around, you’ll notice that we are all about patio enjoyment here at Patio Covers Place.  So, no matter if you have a wrought iron bench or a functional wooden storage bench, you can sit in comfort and style with the right cushion.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, comfort?  Of course it is, so no matter what you might read or hear about the beauty and material about this bench cushion or that one, remember that you need to give it a ‘seating test run’ to know for sure.  This may take a bit of patience on your part, but it will greatly pay off in the end – no pun intended.

Having said that, we are adamant about quality.  Like most things, a quality product is easily recognizable and will cost you much less over the life of the product because of its craftsmanship.  This relates to not only the materials used but the way they are put together.  With reputable companies, you will be given the choice of fabrics, padding thickness and other variable features.  These may fall into their custom cushions category, but not necessarily if they are truly customer oriented.  Your outdoor bench cushion should fit perfectly and that measurement is up to you.  So, unless you have a standard size bench and you can find that exact size online or in your local home improvement or patio furniture store, then you’ll probably need a custom bench cushion.

Shapes, Sizes and Materials of Bench Cushions

Definitely in need of a bench cushion.

Definitely in need of a bench cushion.

There isn’t a whole lot of complexity with these, but there are some nuances you should be aware of if you are shopping around.  The main thing to note is the shape you are looking for.  Aside from the obvious rectangular shape

of a standard bench, there are ones that have rounded corners – either on the front edge or back.  Also, there are trapezoid shaped cushions that have both sharp corners or rounded corners.  As far as the size of the cushion, like mentioned above, you should really look into getting it measured properly.  There is nothing worse than having a cushion that slides around because of a poor fit.

Like patio awnings and outdoor curtains, you can get a bench seat cushion made with Sunbrella fabric as well.  This fabric is known for its UV resistance.  This property is due to the fact that the fabric is dyed while the acrylic fibers that make it up are still wet.  Then, when the fibers dry, the dye is part of the permanent structure of the material itself, making it resistant to stains and other fading due to the sun.  These cushions definitely last.

Another great feature of good patio bench cushions are their ability to shed water.  We’re not talking about shedding water like a good waxing job on your car or boat.  In this case, we are referring to the ability of your bench cushions to allow water to essentially pass through them and not keep them soaked for long periods of time.  Pooling or sitting water like this leads to mildew and rot of your cushions themselves.  Good acrylic and poly-fiber materials make the cushion padding durable and truly made to be outdoors.  So, feel free to use that wooden bench for an elegant dinner party, your guests will never know it could be so good.

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