Cedar Wood Hot Tubs

Looking for a little rest and relaxation are you?  Well, look no further than your own backyard patio for that.  With the help of these cedar wood hot tubs, you are only minutes away from a rejuvenating soak.  Whether you are looking for the simple relaxation benefits or the therapeutic benefits or both, you will find them with this fine wood hot tub style.

Nothing says hot tub quite like cedar.  This wood is great for many reasons.  For its outdoor properties, few other wood choices compare.  We’ve talked about a cedar garden bench and storage bench make great choices.  Cedar is a great choice not only because of its beautiful appearance, but because of its sustainability issue as well.  If you are not familiar with Patio Covers Place, we like to enjoy a patio that is as ‘green’ and sustainable as possible given current products and technology.  Because cedar can be sustainably harvested, it is a wood choice that we like to endorse.

cedar_wood_hot_tubsWoods like teak and other exotics make for great looking patio furniture and even have fine weathering properties, but often are harvested from rainforest regions making them a less desirable option in our minds.  Besides, with the look and properties of cedar and even bamboo options, you don’t need to look any further.  There are a multitude of stains and sealers that can produce many shades that you might like as well if you are concerned that the grain or natural color of cedar is not your primary choice.

Having said all of this, the cedar hot tub is a beautiful piece of work.  More often than not, the tub itself is made of a fiberglass or resin cast product that is then set into the wooden frame.  The hot tub pump and motor assembly can be ‘hidden’ within the frame with an access door for easy maintenance or cleaning issues.  As we have pointed out, cedar is a great choice in applications where water is an issue like with decks and pools or hot tubs.  Cedar will not only maintain its appearance when properly cared for, but it can weather beautifully as well if you choose to go that route.

Aside from the look of the exterior surface of your hot tub, the rest is just the same as a fully cast model.  The jets and heater mechanisms work just the same.  Also, having a hot tub cover is a good investment to make.  This will help retain heat in your spa, reducing energy costs.  Your wooden hot tub will also be helpful in this regard.  The cedar boards can be installed over an insulating layer providing even more heat loss protection.

If all of this sounds like too much or you don’t think you are ready for the several thousand dollar investment a hot tub like this will cost, you have the option to choose an inflatable hot tub.  While it may not look quite as handsome as the wooden model, it is a heck of a lot more portable and convenient.  Not that you will want to be moving all around, but when your hot tub season ends and you wish to deflate it for storing, you can do this in an afternoon.  This eliminates any need for maintenance and cleaning when not in use.  However, if you know you will use yours, for the look and function of it, you cannot beat cedar wood hot tubs.

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