Chair Cushions – Your Patio Furniture’s Companion

This discussion on chair cushions is more of a reiteration of what you have either likely read on other parts of our site or know already.  So, why write it?  Well, there are some other things to consider which may or may not have been made clear to you regarding these items.

First and foremost, patio cushions are for comfort.  If you miss the mark on this aspect, the rest is all a mute point.  But, you would be surprised how often people will sacrifice comfort over looks.  They must just think that all patio chair cushions are the same or that they will overlook the feel if they look great.

These wrought iron chairs really need chair cushions to be comfortable.

These wrought iron chairs really need chair cushions to be comfortable.

This is definitely a step in the wrong direction.  Don’t be fooled by price alone, however, because you can find good cushions at a fair price. Often, you can find discounted versions of older models that are just as contemporary and will look great for years.  Quality fabrics and craftsmanship are the true mark of a durable cushion, sure to last you many seasons.

There are so many styles from which to choose, and these depend on the type of furniture you have.  Under the broad category of patio furniture, you can find things like chaise lounge chairs and garden benches.  Both of these are much more enjoyable and comfortable with the right padding between you and the furniture.  In the case of bench cushions, don’t be surprised if you notice that you spend more time laying out there.  Because most benches are either wood or metal, a padded seat is crucial.

Other types of patio furniture cushions are helpful but not necessarily essential for comfort.  For example, you can get cushions for plastic and those rubberized pool furniture pieces, but these will likely be comfortable as is.  You will notice as you shop that there are more and more types of waterproof materials that drain quickly and are rot, mildew and insect resistant.  This is a far cry from the older patio chair cushions – simple pads really – that would deteriorate after only a few seasons in the elements.

Again, the truth is that outdoor chair cushions are more for comfort than anything else.  In addition to this, if you plan on entertaining, you will want to make sure that you get the right type of outdoor chairs, capable of receiving a cushion.  Now, most chairs can have a cushion placed on the seat part, but they may feel unstable or cause the back to hit you in the wrong spot, making the chair actually less comfortable.  This is definitely not what you are shopping for, so be certain of what you are looking for when you surf or drive for the perfect chair cushions for your patio space.

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