The Chaise Lounge – The Ultimate Patio Furniture Piece

The chaise lounge represents all that the patio is.  It makes us remember and feel what that moment is all about.  The classic chaise lounge chair has been around for many years.  For the most part, it is hard to improve on a classic.  When designers do stumble upon something new, it is usually just a more functional take on this classic design and shape.  Modern interpretations on the chaise have taken the form of a minimalist curved piece of wood or metal to a more organic piece of patio furniture made with woven grasses, cork, redwood and more.

In the end, what you are looking for is a comfortable place to rest your body for a little breather from the demands of everyday life.  This is what makes chaise lounges so central to this point.  They are an emblem that speaks to this common desire we all share.  It is likely why so many interpretations and takes on the chaise have been attempted over the years.

A modern looking chaise lounge - looks like cork.

A modern looking chaise lounge - looks like cork.

The chaise is one of those patio chairs that you just can’t replace.  What we mean is that there are ways to sort of get by without certain pieces of furniture.  While there are many ways to get the most out of your patio, some are maybe a bit too indulgent to some.  The chaise lounge chair is certainly not one area to skimp on.  Yes, they are expensive, but only if you consider them in a short-sighted way.  If you are thinking about costs, a quality chaise will cost you in the neighborhood of $500-750 USD.  Yes, you will find them cheaper online at various sites.  But, if you compare quality and materials, you will find this price to be accurate.

If you take into account what buying a quality chaise lounge will do for your peace of mind, it is really hard to quantify exactly what you are paying.  This also speaks to the quality of the type you buy.  Like all patio furniture, we believe in quality at Patio Covers Place.  Not only is it better for the user, but it is friendlier for the environment as well.  A quality piece of furniture – indoor or out – is made to last.  When something is made to last, it ends up being taken care of and does not end up in a dump or landfill anytime soon.

You may also know that around here, we are big supporters of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and accessories for your patio.  Since many pieces of quality outdoor furniture are made of teak, we find a dilemma.  Teak is not a very sustainable or eco-friendly wood choice option.  So, what we highly recommend is a wood like cedar or redwood.  You still need to make sure that these are produced in a sustainable way, but the odds are simply better than with teak.  However, we realize that teak does have many advantages as well.  So, where we come out on this point is going back to quality.  There is a trade off when it comes to environmental sensitivity and function.  If you will get longer performance and use from a quality teak chaise lounge chair, then you will keep it in good maintained shape out of the garbage.

Again, with quality comes a steeper price and much longer life.  You’ll find that the better quality chaise lounges also are built with real rubber treads on the tires if they are a rolling style and have stainless steel parts for better wear in the elements.  Additionally, features such as slide out shelving and the wood slats themselves will be much more smooth and user-friendly.  Even with this, comfort is still a top priority.

Cool oversized chaise lounges.

Cool oversized chaise lounges.

Just like with your other patio chairs and furniture, you’ll want to sit on a soft surface.  Chaise lounge cushions are what you are looking for here.  They can be special ordered to fit your chaise perfectly or you can take careful measurements yourself and get just the right fit.  Your chair cushions can come in a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns.  If you plan on using your chaise lounge poolside, consider some of the quick drying and mildew resistant materials that are available now.

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