Chimineas – Different Kinds of Patio Heaters

Before there were patio heaters, there were other ways to warm up patio and other outdoor spaces.  Now, chimineas take up more of an aesthetic function.  While they may still be able to produce some heat and warmth for your patio, they certainly can’t be relied upon for that as much anymore.  The reason for this is in their construction.

It used to be that a chiminea was made of a proper clay mixture that could withstand high heats.  The clay chiminea that you see for sale today have nothing in the way of this older tradition.  You can have a very small fire in these newer clay ones, but don’t try to put smaller logs and keep a crackling fire going all night.  You’ll end up cracking your chiminea for sure.  The intense heat that a fire puts out is too much for these newer more decorative styles to handle.

This is the perfect desert setting for a chiminea fire.

This is the perfect desert setting for a chiminea fire.

If you really want to use yours for this heating function, consider a cast iron chiminea.  These are a bit harder to come by and cost quite a bit more.  In addition to this, expect to have some help moving it as it weighs a lot as well.

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These cast iron styles are much more able to hold a fire and can put off quite a bit more heat.  Think of them like you would an old pot-belly stove.  These thicker steels retain heat much better and actually radiate the heat that is produced in them.  So, not only will you get a good looking fire for your patio, but you’ll enjoy some radiant heat benefits even after the fire calms down.

This is in contrast to the type of heat that you will get from the newer patio fireplaces as well.  These are usually made of much thinner gauge metals and have a large open top.  They are more like fire pits on stands more than anything else.  These also serve a great function, just don’t compare them for their radiant heating effects – chimineas win hands down in this department.

Enjoy them for what they are.  An outdoor fireplace, like the newer clay chiminea pots, are more for ambiance than actual heat.  As mentioned in the beginning of this article, a patio heater would be a better choice if you are looking strictly for heat.  These are made for this expressed purpose and are better suited to provide it over any of the other outdoor burning device for lack of a better term.

Chimineas – Cost and Maintenance

These chimineas come in a variety of sizes.  Some are only 24-36” tall while others are closer to 6’ with their stand.  The clay chiminea style that is more decorative in nature can cost anywhere from $50-100 USD for a larger one with a stand at most outdoor pottery and garden art shops.  You can also find them online for the same price, give or take, when you take shipping into consideration.  For the cast iron styles of chiminea, you can expect to pay $200-300 USD.  With the cast iron chiminea, make sure that you are getting quality.  You can find metal chimineas that are quite thin and will not withstand the high heat of a log fire.

For burning wood, charcoal and artificial logs. 35-inches high

Best Choice Products Presents to you, this Brand New VINTAGE HAND POURED CAST ALUMINUM OUTDOOR FIREPLACE CHIMINEA WITH GAS CONVERSION KIT AND CHIMINEA COVER. Our VINTAGE style Chiminea fireplace is an unique outdoor design made of beautiful Non-rusting solid cast aluminum, with decorative removable rain lid and detachable neck. It also comes with a Chiminea Plastic Cover and Gas conversion kit, which can be converted to a wood-burning fireplace by simply removing the gas components. What a perfect centerpiece for backyard gatherings and entertaining friends. It is low maintenance and with proper uses will give you years of enjoyment. Perfect gift for outdoor lovers.NOTE: Gas conversion kit works with propane and natural gas, but due to different natural gas configurations, Please contact your local gas company for natural gas installations. Propane installations can hook directly to propane tank or grill.


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  • Durable Plastic Chiminea Cover
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  • Chiminea Handles Full Size Fire Logs
  • Hinged Safety Door for Easy Access of Adding Wood and Roasting Marshmallows
  • Spark Arrestor Neck Insert
  • Removable Neck for Grilling
  • Carry Handles for Easy Arrangement
  • Cast Iron Grilling Insert
  • Cast Iron Bottom Grate for Fire Support
  • Hinged Mouth Safety Screen
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Overall Dimensions: 54H x 22W
  • Weight: 90 lbsINCLUDES:
  • (1) Cast Aluminum Chiminea
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    If these are larger than what you had in mind, then maybe a table top chiminea is a better fit for you.  This is just one example of a product that might work for you.

    Grasslands Road World Garden Mini Southwest Chiminea Votive/Tealight Holder

    As far as taking care of your chimineas, just make sure that you keep them clear of debris and check the necks for blockages from birds or other animals.  Another tip is to get a fire arrestor or spark arrestor you might seem them called.  They simply fit over the top opening to avoid fire hazards from embers that come off the wood you are burning.  Other than avoiding high heat in the clay ones, there isn’t much to them.  The cast iron chiminea requires little bit more care just to ensure that you don’t get issues with rust.  You can also use some type of wax and simply rub into the outer metal surface.  This will help avoid issues with the smaller holes and pores holding water.  A simple cover or proper storage can avoid this issue when your chimineas are not in use.

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