Covered Patio: A New Room

When you think about a patio space, you may not see the potential in yours.  If you have a patio and don’t enjoy it as much as you’d like, it may be time to either remodel or do some investigating into what you can change to make it all that you’ve ever wanted.  There are various ways that a covered patio can be built to your personal specifications.  This doesn’t mean that it is restrictive, it just reflects how you wish to use and enjoy your patio space.

For some, the patio is a place where they can go to unwind from a long day or relax on the weekends.  It is more like a retreat and a place to kick up your heels.  And yet, to other homeowners, the patio is a place where they can host extravagant or exotic dinners and entertain guests.  These two ideas will likely need different covered patio designs.  It isn’t that a design couldn’t be found that could incorporate the two, it is just that you should consider these points and the way you plan to use your own patio prior to beginning your remodel or new patio construction.

While your covered patio plans may not be as detailed as an architect’s drawings, at least you’ll have some idea in mind as to what your next step will be.  That next step may be to create a material’s list if you plan on building your own patio cover.  If you plan on hiring a professional,  just make sure that your plans are clear.  What is obvious to you may not come across in your sketches or conversation.  Similarly, getting things in writing will always be your best bet if you hire out the work.

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Now, what about if you have a more formal patio space in mind?  In this case, you are not alone.  The trend in patio designs is to design and build them to be more like outdoor rooms.  It seems that patio covers are quickly becoming more like the ‘bones’ to create an outdoor space that resembles any space you might find inside your home.  This includes the creature comforts of television, heating, cooling, kitchens, patio furniture, you name it.  If you can find it indoors, then you can likely find its complement for your outdoor room.

You can tell that what was once considered just a simple area has really turned into a whole other animal.  Gone are the days of just using those white plastic lawn chairs for your furniture needs.  Those are fine for larger entertaining groups that will be broken down at the end of the evening.  However, for a more exotic and useful covered patio, keep the patio room concept in mind.

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