Covered Patio Plans

At this stage in the game, you are probably searching for suitable styles and design ideas for your covered patio.  This is one of the most exciting aspects of the development stage.  You get to imagine or dream your new patio and build it the way you want.  Sometimes this is an advantage and other times it is a headache.  The advantage is that you have a clean slate and can design whatever you want.  One disadvantage or struggle with building new is that there are just so many aspects to consider.  Sometimes, if the patio was at least built out, you could just enhance and learn to live with what you came up with from there.

This downside to building new is more about cost and convenience.  It will take longer and will cost you much more, generally speaking, to build from the ground up or with no existing structure from which to build off from.  But, as mentioned, there are also limitations that come into play from a construction stand point if you have to modify an existing structure to create the new patio design.

covered patio plans

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There are many covered patio plans available online as well.  You can do a simple search to find pictures and descriptions of some of the more popular options.  You will also quickly find that there are many ways to describe a patio cover, so this may require a bit more homework on your part.

If what you are looking for is truly a covered patio, then you will need to further clarify what type of cover or roof you are looking for.  An open patio roof style can still be considered a “covered patio”, even though the cover will allow you to see the stars through it or have vines growing all over it like is the case with the classic pergola.  A semi-closed or closed patio roof style would be something more along the lines of a gazebo or even an extended patio common with a ranch-style home.  Since you found our site here, let’s discuss what we feel a covered patio to be.

Covered patios, in our mind, conjure up the image of that old Ranch-style home.  Here, you typically have a single-story layout, with the patio being created by extending the roof line out and often having posts as support.  The floor of the patio area can consist of a variety of materials from concrete to tile to outdoor carpeting.  Many times, these types of patios are finished into additional rooms for the home.  Depending upon how they are positioned, they may be ideally suited as a sunroom or even a modified greenhouse type room for the avid gardener.

Making sure to get the right covered patio plans in place prior to construction makes a big difference.

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Other Covered Patio Designs

Having said this about these types of covered patio plans, it is also quite feasible to be talking about something else when referring to a covered patio.  We would be remiss if we didn’t include the more traditional types of patio covers and patio cover descriptions.  Brief mention was made to them above, but they are the pergola and gazebo.  Variations of these themes could also be included under this larger umbrella category – no pun intended.

Pergolas, because of their flexibility can provide much needed shade and added ambiance and character to your outdoor space.  In fact, more and more outdoor living rooms and spaces take advantage of the pergola’s unique features.  Some of these features include handsome and simple design, lending themselves to a variety of installations and home styles.  Additionally, they can be built to accommodate larger more grand structures or be more simple with craftsmanship details.

Pergolas, more than gazebos, can be finished in a variety of ways.  Finished, in this case, is referring to the type of patio roof that you may choose to have.  Classic pergolas have a post and beam design.  More contemporary styles have a roof more typical of a Mediterranean cabana or villa.  In these cases, they could be tiled.  In other instances, a metal patio cover is called for in the design phase.  These can be made of metals such as steel and copper.  Metal roof materials come in a variety of applications including sheeting, “standing seam” and even tiles or shingles.

Some other possible places to check for ideas other than where you are right now in front of your keyboard would include fine home magazines and trade journals.  Occasionally, taking one of those home tours in your areas where designer homes are showcased can give you some ideas regarding your patio.  You can also see samples or portfolios from contractors that you may contact to see what type of experience and ideas they may have.  What ever your covered patio plans call for, there is a design style that can suit your needs.

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