Unconventional Deck Ideas

One of the first things that comes to people’s minds when they think of decks on a home is outdoor grilling. The second most commonly thought of deck ideas are in regard to hot tubs, maybe pools. There are, however, many other things that you can do when deciding which decking designs fit best.  You don’t need to invest in expensive deck design software unless you really want to explore some great features in more detail.

Decking Ideas

Game Deck

A great, and increasingly popular, choice of deck design ideas is based around gaming.  You can use the deck as a base for outdoor games, such as cricket, croquet, a putting green and other games played in the backyard. The deck itself can provide for a place to rest between activity or even be a place to use for a game.

For example, some modern deck designs include popular bar games, like shuffleboard or those mini-basketball hoops. If your deck is covered, you could also include an outdoor billiards table. The deck can also be enclosed to allow for card games, board games, and other tabletop games when the weather is not as enjoyable.

This type of deck design can also be used for hobbies. Some hobbies, such as sculpting, are made for the outdoors, and building a deck around these hobbies will allow you to do them in comfort. These are traditionally seen as activities that may be enjoyed in a sunroom, but the outdoor living craze has shifted these traditions.

While obviously created using some deck design software, you can see that your ideas may be too conventional.

Garden Deck

In many areas, the ground is insufficient to garden effectively. So, building a deck dedicated to gardening is a great way to make up for this.  These are more commonly referred to as a patio garden.  The name is not important, though many also use the term herb garden, reflecting what many people grow in those smaller pots on their deck.

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One idea that you can do regarding this would be to set up one side of the deck for a storage area for the tools that would be involved, while the other side is dedicated to the garden itself.  Normally, a potting bench would be used for this, but if the entire garden exists on your deck, than this simply doesn’t work.

Large boxes filled with soil can be built into the deck, where tomatoes, potatoes, flowers of many types, and other common plants and vegetables could be placed. The soil could then be composted each year, or re-fertilized to use again.

Again, this is a concept similar to a raised garden bed that would typically be found on the ground, but the deck could be used as well.  With this particular style, you’ll want to make sure that your deck can support the substantial amount of weight that you might be adding with the soil and water.

The following is among the easiest decking designs to do.

Living Room Deck

A lot of people want to experience the pleasure of using a deck, but are not entirely comfortable being outdoors. This is where the living room deck design is useful.  Consider this the classic description of the outdoor room that is becoming – and already is – so popular.

With this style of deck, the area is able to be an enclosed patio, with outdoor furniture made following the style of living room furniture. Couches, chairs, and tables will all have the classic look that is found in the living room, but is made of more durable materials.

The area could then either be enclosed in a mesh screen material or with glass windows, capable of being opened to allow fresh air to come in. One could then set up a television or stereo equipment to enjoy all the comforts found inside.

While these deck ideas may be considered unconventional, many people are looking for patio design ideas that are truly different from the rest.

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