Deck Lights – Getting The Right Deck Lighting for Your Space

The whole point of having a deck or patio space is to be able to use it.  If all you have is shade in the summer heat but no deck lighting, then you are missing out on another great time to be enjoying your space – at night!  Deck lights can allow you to get not only more use from your patio, but a better look and performance as well.

Here you can see a combination of deck lights and string lights.

Here you can see a combination of deck lights and string lights.

Now, we do realize that we are talking about a deck here, so using words like ‘performance’ might sound a bit over the top, but it is true.  Think about how your deck is working now.  If you don’t have caps on your posts, then the performance of your wood is suffering.  Sure, that cedar or redwood can last for many seasons.  In fact, it will weather quite beautifully, even with the proper staining and sealing.

Think about how much better it will look and last with a deck light on the end of each post.  Combine this look with the right patio lights and your deck just became the envy of the neighborhood.  Outdoor lighting is so varied and such a valuable addition to any patio or deck.  Some types of lights provide just lighting for safety more or less.  Other types are for accent or ambient lighting.

A decorative patio light can make a great statement.  Put together various styles and you can create rooms or separate seating areas that the deck lighting delineates for you.  You can even use them on a ground level deck or patio space to create a type of ‘fence’ between your deck and the surrounding landscape or garden area.

The main thing to remember with lighting is that you want it to make your space more usable.  You don’t want it just to add brightness or harshness.  So, having control over these levels is an important factor to consider.  And, since lighting is such a special feature to any deck, you’ll have to add it into your budget to make sure that it isn’t a surprise at the end.

Deck Lighting – Costs and Considerations

Because the styles of deck lighting vary so much depending upon the type you choose, let’s discuss just one of the styles seen on many decks as an example.  These are the ones that cap the end of your posts.  At your local home improvement warehouses, similar lights will sell for anywhere between $40-60 USD each.  You can see how this will quickly add up if you have a large deck.  Also, if you are considering lighting, the best time to do the installation is when building.  Some styles can be added after the deck is completed, but others will look much more blended into your design if they can be planned for and ‘channeled’ into the deck structure itself.

There are also solar deck lighting options that should not be overlooked.  If you’ve read any of our other articles related to your garden or patio lighting needs, then you know we are big fans of solar here at Patio Covers Place.  Solar is not only a great choice for the environment, but it will cost you less over time to enjoy your deck and patio spaces.  Just some good ideas and food for thought in your quest for the perfect deck lights.

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