EasyBloom Plant Sensor: An Innovative Idea

Have you ever wondered what types of plants would grow best in the spot you’ve got in mind?  How about figuring out if your plants will actually produce those juicy, up-your-arm type of messy tomatoes?  Well, now you can!  With the EasyBloom Plant Sensor, you can find out what your soil conditions are.  Not only that, but the probe can provide all sorts of useful data, for both the novice and expert gardener.

So, what is it?  The Easy-Bloom Sensor is a simple device that you ‘plug’ into the soil in the area you are interested in and then wait for the recommended time period.  Then, once it is done, you simply plug it into your USB port on your PC or Mac and the data starts downloading.  You might not be aware of what this little device actually measures or what data you need.

While the Easy Bloom Plant Sensor and Sensor Plus do measure a host of soil condition measurements, they do not measure others.  If you are specifically interested in the soil acidity or alkalinity, then you will have to rely on other standard tools to do that.  While it is true that some plants are very sensitive to soil pH conditions, the vast majority of plants suffer from soil minerals, over or under-watering and light conditions.  This tool DOES measure these important features.  In fact, soil moisture sensors like this one are almost worth the price itself.  This tool will give you a great starting point to grow the most beautiful plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs and trees you could ever want.

You might be an avid gardener already.  Maybe you have some raised garden beds that you’d like to check before your next planting season.  This is a great reason to check garden soil using the EasyBloom.  For the amateur gardener looking to move more into that perennial ‘green thumb’ category, doing a soil assessment like this can really help out.  There are some things that you’ll pick up just from being able to visually inspect and observe.   Sometimes, however, what is happening beneath the soil can be deceiving.

That is where this type of soil sensing device comes in handy.  Once you plug the sensor into the USB port, the data will yield results based upon several factors that you’ve entered.  You will enter in your zip code and this will yield your climate zone and other details specific to your growing area.  For this reason, only U.S. customers, currently, may use this product.

Once the data is collected, it can give you recommendations on the best type of plants, flowers, vegetables and trees for your area based upon the readings.  These recommendations are based upon the library of information stored and continuously added to their database.  They work with botanists and university researchers to constantly add new species to their library.

How Much Does the EasyBloom Plant Sensor Cost?

This device retails for around $60 USD and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or on sites like Amazon.  It is quite durable and can be used over and over.  It is able to withstand being outdoors for extended periods, but it is recommended that it not be submerged in water or exposed to heavy sprinkler used areas. You’ll definitely learn some useful information having one of these EasyBloom Plant Sensors for your home and garden.

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