Fire Pit Designs from Traditional to Modern

There are a variety of fire pit designs that you might find yourself being able to enjoy in your backyard or out on your patio.  Many of the more natural looking styles are becoming more and more popular.  This follows a trend in home design that is more eco-friendly and sustainable in nature.  No matter your climate, there is probably at least some season or part of a season where you can enjoy outdoor fire pits.

The very fact that there are so many fire pit ideas and ways to build or design them lends themselves to each homeowners’ tastes.  Some of the more popular styles of outdoor fireplace options include all of the portable choices offered in  a variety of metal finishes.  From powder-coated steels to copper finishes, these portable models are very effective and simple – and safe – ways of enjoying a fire on your patio.  We’ve included a short sample of the designs here.  A few include stand-alone versions that burn wood as fuel and also one that is gas or propane fueled.  Not depicted here, but available in another article of ours, is a style of fire pit table that combines the comfort of outdoor patio furniture with a table top fire.  Some of the portable fire pits for sale can be seen here.

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34″ Slate & Marble Surround Fire pit with copper Accents
Big Sky Fire Pit Stars and Moons. The bowl depth is 12.5-inch.
This beautiful propane-powered copper fire pit has a 60,000 BTU gas ring. Lava rock makes a perfect flame for an evening under the stars on the patio or at your favorite camp ground. Gas fire pits are a great way to bring your family together for a fun evening with wonderful ambience. The fire pit simply connects to your bulk propane tank and will burn for hours.

If, on the other hand, you’re not looking for a patio fireplace like these but something more substantial in structure – like a stone, brick or metal built-in fire pit, there are options there, too.

How to Build A Fire Pit

If you’re interested in building a fire pit, it is a matter of creating a look that will fit with the backyard landscaping ideas you have.  Using a fire pit can be a great way to add a focal point of interest and dimension in a smaller space.  In fact, hardscape features like fire pits and water features make great landscaping ideas for small yards.  The previous link will help shed more light on those concepts.

Here is a design using a raised ring in stone.

So, what can you use to help your outdoor fire pit designs come to life?  If you’re using an engineered or man-made product, make sure that it is rated safe for fire.  The last thing you want to end up with is a bunch of cracked bricks, or worse, a dangerous fire hazard.

In general, building your own pit requires that you create something that has adequate ventilation and some type of shape that can contain a fire.  This might be round, but it could just as easily be oval, rectangular or square.

The height of the walls is not something that is set in stone (no pun intended, okay, maybe it was…ha!) but it should be at least high enough to protect hot embers from popping out easily to the side and also so that the logs can be contained within the ring.

This design is using a more natural or organic looking boulder placement.

Some of the more popular natural choices utilize boulders, large stones and sand or fire bricks to create an organic shaped pit.  These types of designs work well in estate-type backyards or those that face lakes or other natural environments.  They seem to connect your yard with the space beyond.

Whether you prefer to use one of the more natural styles depicted here or like the idea of chiminea for a more controlled fire in a decorative patio feature, fire is an element that any patio enthusiast can appreciate.

At Patio Covers Place, we like sharing ideas that our readers have with others.  If you are inspired by these ideas and create your own fire pit design that you think is worthy, send a photo our way, we’d love to see it!

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