The Fire Pit Table Serves Several Needs

When you are looking for a way to experience the warmth of an outdoor fire, but aren’t sure where you’ll find the room, why not combine your outdoor table with a firepit?  Yes, this is possible now due to the invention of the fire pit table.  They come in a variety of decor styles, but you’ll probably notice that they are in heat-resistant materials – glass and stone.

Some of these firepit tables are more large in size and depth allowing for a larger fire to be had in them.  Others are more attractive because of their smaller size.  Any way you strike it, it is possible to get the best of both worlds – sitting and chatting and a crackling fire nearby.  These are just a few of the fire pit designs that are available.

The lost art of conversation returns with this . This four function chat table is constructed of rust-proof polished cast aluminum. It can be used as a serving table, barbecue for roasting, a beverage cooler or a log burning fire pit with screen. This table offers an exquisite patterns and detailing that this chat table will be the centerpiece of your outdoor area. This design was created to blend outdoor comfort and good looks!
36” square gas fire pit with stamped steel tabletop, steel lid for table use. Full open door for a convenient tank access. Stainless steel burner and black steel fire bowl with lava rocks to create beautiful flames. 25,000 to 40,000 BTU adjustable heat output. Slideable cylinder holder suitable for use with 20 lb. LP tank. LP tank not included. Black cover for storage.

The best feature of the fire pit table is the ability to quickly snuff it out and go inside.  There are both traditional wood styles and also propane versions.  Like with a patio fireplace that is connected to propane, you’ll need to run the lines and this will limit the portability factor of the table.  Outdoor fireplaces that are meant to run on propane are usually hard-lined so that they can be built in place and enjoyed that way.

This should not deter you from getting a gas or propane fire pit table, however, because they are simple to clean up and often require much less maintenance.  Additionally, when you are done with the fire, you just turn it off – literally.  While the material in the bowl may still remain hot for some time, the coals will not be dangerous or burning for long. Compare these tables with other fire pit designs and you’ll quickly realize how convenient they are for their given purpose. Admittedly not as fun to roast marshmallows over, but great intimate sitting areas with a place for your drink.

Another popular thing in fireplace design is the use of materials like lava rocks and fireglass for a more dramatic effect.  These materials really need propane to work.  These are meant to replace wood as the ‘fuel’ for the fire and their glow can provide a nice ambiance and effect to your patio space.  Much like a chiminea, these are not meant to provide much in the way of heat.  The overall purpose of the decorative glass and chiminea fires are for ambiance.

With other patio dining furniture you will not get the combined effect of warmth or at least a warm glow and the ability to sit and chat.  These tables often take the form of a cocktail table – elevated more than a traditional table top.  When you are sitting at one of these, you are more apt to be enjoying the company of others and it makes for a great party atmosphere.  If you entertain outdoors much, then the patio fire pit table is worth a look.

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