Funny Outdoor String Lights

Generally, humor is not much exercised outdoors. There is beauty, like flowers, trees, butterflies, vistas, and there is majesty, like mountains, the ocean, and riverside cabins.  But humor seems to be a real footnote in the great outdoors. Until you get to yards.   This is where you can really express your personality.

There you have the bloomer lady, a woman bent at the waist so all you see is the rump down. There are gnomes doing gnomishish things, which may make you smile (the first time you see them). There are small animals going human things, like frogs sitting in lawn chairs reading the newspaper. And there are all the outdoor lighting options.  Specifically, outdoor string lights that come in wide variety of designs and styles.

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I am not talking about the usual Christmas lights, even the ones that blink and chase each other. I am talking about the patio string lights that has dogs and fire hydrants, or the string with palm trees and hula girls, or even the string with tiny campers and port-a-potties.

These, and less obvious funny patio lights, are now available because the new, small fairy lights do not create a lot of heat. Plastic covers can be used to shield the eyes from the direct light (good for LEDs especially) and create conversational topics at the same time. You can get light covers for your favorite sports teams, or to proclaim your favorite past time, like fishing or going to the seashore. There are lights to commemorate your last vacation, or to prepare you for your next one. Bicycles, horses, train engines, sailboats and other means of transportation are popular, as are more natural subjects, like butterflies, bugs, cactus, flowers, birds, and bees. All that outdoors stuff.

Putting one or more outdoor light strings on your patio or porch adds color and light after dark, when both are in short supply. And the string lights with covers do not over-light your outdoor space so you can still have mood. Probably not quite enough light to grill by, but once the cooking is done, off with the white deck lights and on with the ambiance. Add a few cold beers, and watch your patio lighting dance in the breeze, or just dance.  The next time you are in the garden section of your favorite home store, look for outdoor string lights, and see what shapes they have. Bet you smile!

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