Garden Awnings Provide An Oasis In Your Garden

This is one of those topics where what may seem obvious is less often fully appreciated. The thing about awnings is that many are made of materials that will deteriorate quite quickly in the sun and with exposure to the elements. Well, in the case of garden awnings, we are simply referring to those that will be used in the garden or other landscaped areas in your yard. Now, depending upon where you live in the country or where you are from, you might have different ideas about what a ‘garden space’ is.  For some of us, the garden is a place where we grow plants or vegetables.  It is hard to imagine that it would serve as a place for get togethers or as a gathering place.  However, for some, this is exactly what it is.  The outdoor room or garden room as it can be called, is one such place that will become the favorite gathering place for you and your guests.

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What you need in order for your space to feel comfortable is the use of shade. This is exactly what these awnings offer. Again, because we are mostly referring to the location that the awning will be used and not a specific type of awning, per se, a discussion about basic awning features and functions will work here.  For one point of interest, awnings come in a variety of styles and fabrics.  What one person calls an awning, another refers to it as a canopy.  It really is inconsequential what you call them, as long as you know what you want.  And, what you want is something that will provide you shade when you want it and where you need it.  In the case of a true garden space, at least in terms of how we see things around here at Patio Covers Place, an awning could really help you to get some great sun exposure when needed and avoid over ‘cooking’ your plants and vegetables or flowers in the intense summer sun.

To some, the term garden awning and garden canopy are synonymous.  We would agree with this.  However, garden canopies are mostly seen as those ‘easy up’ or ‘pop-up’ style structures.  These work great for temporary sun protection in a more inconspicuous area.  As was mentioned, these are often made of a cheaper fabric or less durable vinyl or polyester that will quickly degrade in the sun if left out for prolonged periods.

If you looking to create a nice shaded are for your patio or garden, one of these cheap canopies is not the recommended way to go.  It isn’t that there is anything wrong with these types of structures, they just will not give you the look of say a garden arbor or pergola would.  Again, these are specific structures that you may not be interested in, so a simple canopy might fit your needs quite well.  Do your research and determine if what you want is more formal patio awnings, like the retractable or motorized styles or if some of these garden awnings are more your style.

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