The Garden Bench – Giant Among Patio Living Finds

There has always been a need to just sit and take in the scenery all around us.  This is what a great garden bench allows you to do, more than any other piece of garden or patio furniture in our humble opinion.  Something magical happens to you when you can just sit in silence and take in all the peace and tranquility that a lively garden provides.  It is that something that an individual who doesn’t appreciate the outdoors like you do could value.

So, there it is, you see it, the empty bench out there waiting for you to just grab a good book or a nice cup of your favorite beverage appropriate for the season.  Most garden benches could tell quite a tale of what they have experienced and seen transform and change in your garden.  They have seen the weather, the flora and fauna if you will and even the people who have rested there change over the years.

A gorgeous garden bench that also has a rustic feel.

A gorgeous garden bench that also has a rustic feel.

And so it goes, when you are looking for that perfect garden bench to fit in that special place in your garden or patio.  Your outdoor garden bench can take on several different styles and materials for that matter.  The most popular, tried and true style is a wooden garden bench.  Metal garden benches can also be quite comfortable as well.  Some metal styles have wooden slats used for the seating and back support areas, which have a bit more give than the entirely metal ones.  However, there is something charming and wonderful about a wrought iron piece of patio furniture.

If you’ve done any looking around on Patio Covers Place, then you’ve likely discovered our passion and support of both sustainably grown and environmentally suitable objects and projects of all kinds that relate to your patio.  Having said this, we definitely understand the lure and beauty of wood.  You just can’t replicate the look of a cedar garden bench using some other type of material, stain or paint.  The grain and aging of cedar makes it a great choice for outdoor use.  It is possible, however, to find sustainably harvested wood and furniture made for people who share these same ideals.  On another note, maybe a teak garden bench is more your style.  You can always look for a used garden bench that someone simply doesn’t want anymore, this is also an Earth-friendly solution and one that gives you a well-broken in bench to boot.

Something else to think about is the comfort you will enjoy on your bench.  Just like if you were looking for patio cushions for your other patio furniture, may we suggest that you look into getting a bench cushion for this new bench you are getting?  You’ll be so much more comfortable and able to sit for a longer period of time if you get a padded area to rest on.

Other options are to look into getting an outdoor storage bench.  This can be very appealing and made of the same great cedar or teak wood that you are seeking with the added benefit of giving you additional patio storage.  While it may not be much, sometimes you just need a place for those extra cushions, lights or lighter for the barbecue grill nearby.  You can also now find garden benches that have liners in the storage area that can open up to be a cooler for storing your cold beverages when you are out on your patio entertaining.

Like all of your outdoor patio furniture, you should consider the costs in terms of both labor and materials to maintain your bench.  Because it will likely be sitting out in the elements year-round, it would be a good idea to either apply some type of sealant or water-proofing to extend its lifespan.  There are tinted and water-based stains and sealers now that are environmentally sensitive as well.  Also, maintaining your items, whether they be patio related or not is a ‘green’ thing to do.  If you think your bench will be sitting unused for extended periods, you can invest in a patio furniture cover for it.  In the end, you might find that this additional purchase will be worth the cost of protecting your $200-400 USD garden bench from premature deterioration or rusting.

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