Garden Canopy – A Family of Patio Canopies

These structures can be a real life-saver when it comes to set-up time and convenience.  The garden canopy is really a simply designed shade structure that can be used for a variety of purposes – shade being the obvious underlying theme.  Most of these types of canopies, can be set up and taken down with minimal tools and even labor.  In most cases, they are used on the ground, whether that is grass or pavement.  However, these can also be used as a canopy for your patio, hence the name.

What you will find that varies in their design pertains more to the overall aesthetic than the structural components.  For the most part, they consist of four posts or legs with the canopy overhead.  The canopy can be support with a framework of aluminum or steel support members that are lightweight but very strong.  Since you will use your patio canopy outdoors, it is possible that you will encounter some windy days.  If you leave yours up for a prolonged period of time, then you’ll need to address this issue.  You can buy stakes that can anchor the legs of your canopy to the ground, at least in grass or other earthy terrains.

A nice, quaint and simple garden canopy set up.

A nice, quaint and simple garden canopy set up.

If you are using your outdoor canopy on a surface like concrete or asphalt or your deck or patio for either temporary or semi-permanent shade, then you can have a few choices.  If the legs of your canopy shade have a foot with holes, you can screw either masonry bolts or other concrete anchors to anchor your canopy.  If you are using it on a deck or patio, you can simply screw it to the wood.  You’ll want to use a lag screw or other heavier gauge screw to ensure the safety of your canopy.

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Another option is to make your own hanging anchors using some sandbags or some lengths of PVC pipe and concrete mix.  What you can do is cap one end of the tube and pour in your concrete mix, then insert an eye-bolt in that end and let the cement cure.  When it is finished, you’ll have an anchor that can be hung from the legs or the canopy support beams near the top.  You’ll see this method used at your local city fairs and craft shows where the vendors all have their temporary booths set up.

Patio Canopies Come In Various Sizes and Styles

The most popular size is a 10’ x 10’ canopy.  The 12’ x 12’ foot is also popular, but less available in your local hardware supply stores.  You can easily shop online to find ones in this size if that is what you need.  The other thing to consider is the materials.  With an outdoor patio canopy, durability is key.  Most of these are made of nylon and some with a more canvas feel to them.  You can find them also made with Sunbrella fabric, a proprietary material that resists UV fading and deterioration.

GP1010 Color: Blue 10′ x 10′ Garden Party Canopy Zipped up, the screened sides keep the mosquitoes at bay. Tied back, they let guests move about freely. The cover is 100 percent polyester for a more formal look and it comes in four colors with coordinated screening: green, blue, burgundy or almond. These covers available separately and are 3M Scotchgard protected. Features: -Cover available in green, blue, burgundy and almond -Cover is 100 percent polyester and Scotchgard protected -Screened sides which tie back -Optional anchor kit includes (4) 15” screw-in anchors and 40′ of rope -One year Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects Specifications: -4 legged 1 3/8” gray powder coated frame -Side Height: 6’6” H -Center Height: 9’3” H -Base: 10′ W x 10′ L
The sturdy powder-coated steel frame of this 10 x 10-foot shade canopy with a 106-inch center height features easy-release buttons that don’t pinch fingers and ensure quick and easy set-up without tools. Slanted legs increase stability, and 8 mm heavy steel nail stakes anchor the canopy securely. Made of heavy-duty, 210-D polyester, the water-repellent canopy is enhanced with a special fade- and UV-resistant coating to ensure durability. Dual stabilizer arms in each corner provide added eave support, along with “batwings” and guyouts for added stability in windy conditions. For storage and transport, the canopy packs in an expandable wheeled duffel bag and weighs 36 pounds.
Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10- by 10-Foot Screenhouse

Some people use the term patio canopies when what they are really looking for are patio covers.  If you are searching for a patio cover, like a pergola or those great Australian shades, you will get a much different product.  Both have their advantages and drawbacks, it just depends upon the needs you have and the way you want to use your patio space.

If you have a certain theme or decor to your patio or backyard space, then you can likely find canopies to match.  While the most basic models can sell for $100 USD, if you go for ones with more adornment, more quality materials and even side awnings and drapery-like looks, you can expect to pay close to $400 USD.

With even more eye for detail, you can further enhance both your patio and your garden canopy with the right type of outdoor lightingPatio lights, like those string lights made with different paper, metal or plastic shapes can really liven up an otherwise simple outdoor canopy.  With the support structures in place to hold up the canopy, you can use these to wrap your lights around and make your canopy really shine.

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