Garden Carts Can Help Ease the Pain of Gardening

When it comes to gardening, some it can be enjoyable and sometimes it can be downright back-breaking work. While it might be good news for your local chiropractor, it isn’t the best news for anyone who really enjoys to garden. There are some great ideas to ease the pains that go along with this highly enjoyable hobby and pastime. One way to ease your back is by using raised garden beds. These are just like what they sound like, a raised gardening area. So, instead of stopping over to plant, you can do it from a near seated position. This can greatly ease your lower back from strain. Another idea is to get a garden cart. While they will not help you plant your garden directly, they will help you to transport all the stuff around your yard. Garden carts come in a range of styles and price ranges. We’ll go over a few of the more popular categories of them here and give you a better idea of what to look for.

If you want to get really technical, you could argue that a cart does nothing more or less than a wheelbarrow can do. You can throw your gardening tools, gloves, potting soil, garden pots, etc. in that wheelbarrow just as easily as a cart. While you can’t really argue with your logic, there are some things that make carts a bit more user-friendly. For one thing, a cart can come in either two wheel or four wheel styles. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The two wheel style will be easier to move around, navigation-wise, as it is less bulky. Typically, the extra wheels also add quite a bit of weight to the cart. So, using one with two wheels and a handle is the preferred style for this with lighter gardening duties or who have to maneuver in tighter spots and spaces. It takes more effort and is a bit more uncomfortable to lift and push a wheelbarrow around. It simply has a different intended purpose.

On the other hand, if you haul a lot of soil or heavier plants and pots, then a four wheel choice makes better sense. The four wheel cart looks a lot like a child’s wagon on steroids. These heavier-duty carts have a rating of up to 600 lbs. in some cases. Compare this with the 200 lb. capacity of most two wheel designs. And, quite honestly, for some of the models, this would be pushing it, literally.

Some of the more popular and newer garden utility carts are made of heavy plastic materials. These rugged carts can take quite a bit of a beating without causing any problems. In the past, metal and wooden carts were more common. The issue with wood is that it tends to rot and split much sooner than you would hope, limiting its lifespan. Since these carts are often left outdoors, they tend to take a bit more of a beating weathering the elements.

Garden Cart Prices

These carts range in price from around $50 – 150 USD. The difference in range has to do with durability, two or four wheel styles and the brand. It is like with most home products. If there is a brand name that people know and trust, than it can command a higher price tag. Some of them may not even be as preferable to use as a more inexpensive model.

If you are an avid gardener and you have not invested in a garden cart, it is a good idea. Over time, you’ll come to appreciate the way that the cart saves you time and energy hauling your stuff all over your yard and garden area. The intelligent design of some of the more innovative garden carts also allow them to be used to dump soil as well. So, consider purchasing one of these carts so you can do more of what you love for longer.

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