Gazing Balls – Reflecting Your Garden Wonder

When you are out in your garden, it is almost as if time has stopped and the world has slowed down.  This is the whole point of having a place where you can lose yourself in the wonder and awe of nature at its best.  It is also why we love our patios and all that they mean to us.  In your garden, you can create a greater sense of awe and wonder with the addition of gazing balls.

Depending upon the size of your garden or patio space, you may only be able to have one gazing ball.  If you’re not familiar with what we are discussing, these are also called garden globes.  They are those round mirror-finished balls that sit atop a stand or pedestal of some sort and reflect all sorts of colors from your patio garden space.

These are easy to install and quite simple to find.  You can shop online for various styles, colors and sizes.  Some people with larger garden spaces will mix up the sizes and placement of several of these gazing globes.  It is really more like a garden sculpture than anything else.  Some people opt for wrought iron pieces or gnomes.  But, if you really want an elegant and simple looking piece of art for your garden, getting one or more of these would fit quite well.

Gazing Balls – Styles, Sizes and Cost

Here is a common looking gazing ball amid a little garden space.

Here is a common looking gazing ball amid a little garden space.

They come in a variety of colors as well.  Some popular choices are the blues and greens.  The standard silver mirror finish is also available – like a stainless steel.  There are a variety of hues ranging from rainbow blends to purples and any number of designs in between.  The globes that come in aqua blue and greens make for the greatest combination of contrast and blending in at the same time.  What we mean is that they don’t overpower a garden and still allow your plants and flowers to be the highlight, but still have a charm all their own.  Let your tastes and garden speak to you to come up with the best color combinations.

The typical gazing ball globe itself can vary from 8” to 12”+ diameter.  The larger sizes work quite well in an environment where you have larger and taller plants and flowers.  They can also act as a focal point or central piece in the middle of a garden space or patio that is surrounded by plants.  Smaller globes can work well on a deck or patio area where you have created maybe a smaller herb garden or other micro-green environment.

The pedestals for these garden globes will also vary in height, proportional to the ball diameters in most cases.  Larger balls will dictate a taller pedestal or stand to allow it to be proportionally appropriate to your space.  The smaller globes are usually anywhere between 18”- 24” tall and are usually made of a simple wrought iron looking frame.  The larger globes usually sit about 36”- 48” high.  If you want a custom pedestal or stand made, you can get one of those as well.  Local artists and even yard art websites online can assist you in creating your custom iron or bronze pedestal.  These will obviously cost you more than a basic style stand that may even come shipped with your gazing ball.  Smaller sized balls cost in the range of $20-50 USD while the larger gazing balls can cost near $75-100 USD.

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