An Herb Garden – Start Here and Grow

If you have a knack for growing your own plants or you just want to get some fresh flavors from your own plantings, then you are the perfect candidate for an herb garden.  Even if you consider yourself a terrible gardener and the only green thumbs you have are when you squeeze an avocado, you can still get some great herbs growing in your garden.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to plant them in your garden.  Herb gardens can consist of nothing more than pots or planters that you have on your patio.  This type of patio garden can serve you quite well.  Whether you decide to plants flowers, vegetables or simply herbs, this is a fairly easy to maintain style of garden.

A great little herb garden like this easy to maintain and makes for a great look.

A great little herb garden like this easy to maintain and makes for a great look.

Some purists or hardcore botanists might consider herb gardening on a different scale from their difficult to grow exotics or finicky flowers, like orchids.  Don’t worry about that.  You might just be looking for a way to add some extra zest to your meals or a little more scent in the air around your patio.  In either case, growing your own herbs is a very rewarding way to go.
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How To Get An Herb Garden Started

If you are just getting started in gardening, herb garden kits are a great way to get your feet wet or your thumbs green as the case may be.  These kits usually come with a couple starter plants or seeds like parsley, oregano and basil.

These are some of the more popular ones to get you started in this new endeavor.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can plant your own garlic, chives and green onions.  Garlic has some nice little flowers that sprout as well.

While you certainly don’t need to get too ambitious with your planting needs for these herbs, there are some ways that you can maximize their chances of maturing. One of these is to compost. Composting can be a great way to give those growing herbs the nutrition they need while also maintaining the moisture around their roots. This compost acts as a natural mulch in this way. This and appropriate watering will get you the majority of the way there. If your herbs will be getting a lot of sunlight, you may need to provide them a bit of shade or move them into a less sun intense area at certain times later in the day. This is where container gardening can really help you by giving you that flexibility to move your pots or plants around as necessary.

Herb Garden Design

For more seasoned gardeners, your herb garden can consist of larger sized pots or planters that you can organize and divide by type.  As you know, regular pruning and use can actually accelerate the growth of your herbs.  If you get into the situation where you find that your herbs seem to be taking over your patio space, taking clippings of them and letting them dry can leave you with great decorations on personal gifts for friends or family.  Lavender is a plant that has very fragrant flowers and can be dried for use in several types of applications.  You could also create a mix of Italian herbs with a bottle of boutique olive oil and vinegar as a nice gift choice.

Keeping the design of your garden simple will allow you to take better care of it. Whether you choose to go with the patio or container approach or want to use more dedicated raised garden beds for planting your herbs, both approaches will work. You can also layout your garden to give you an Italian section and a Greek section or an Indian section, etc. In other words, you can arrange and plant your herbs in a way that gives you more themed aspects to your garden area.

The main thing is to enjoy your garden.  This is why you have it in the first place, right?  Don’t set your expectations higher than your actual willingness to work it.  This is why these types of smaller patio-sized gardens work so well.  You can still get a great looking little chunk of ambiance and usable foods from your own little herb garden.

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