An Inflatable Hot Tub Combines Ease of Use With Convenience

If there is one thing that every patio must have, that has to be some sort of watering hole nearby.  For us hard working humans, that means either a pool or hot tub.  Like with a bath tub in a master suite bathroom, use can vary from seldom to never.  So, the idea of having an inflatable hot tub just makes sense.

If what you were thinking of at first read was going to be some sort of child-like inflatable pool, you’ll need to think again.  The inflatable spa is much more durable and is made from stronger materials so that it can resist damage and leaks.  In fact, you might be surprised to know exactly how durable and tough the materials are.  With room for up to four adults, these styles are great for most situations.  Since many couples use them alone, room for four is just extra space.

This inflatable hot tub even has a bistro table.

This inflatable hot tub even has a bistro table.

Most modern inflatable hot tubs are made of a polyester laminated PVC material.  Then, some models also offer an inner I-beam type matrix that adds rigidity and aids in heat retention.  This is an important fact, because heat loss can be a major problem with a hot tub or pool, for that matter.  For this reason, you might invest in a hot tub cover as well.  This acts much in the same manner as your pool cover to retain heat and keep debris out of the water.  This will keep your heating costs down and keep your spa cleaner avoiding problems with maintenance issues.  These issues may end up affecting the hot tub pump which can be a costly replacement.

Depending upon where you place your hot tub, debris may be a real factor.  This is why inflatable hot tubs make such a good idea. You can set it up somewhere in the summer, where you have easy access and it provides the best ambiance.  Then, when winter rolls around, you may elect to move it to where falling leaves will not be an issue or simply deflate it for storage until the warmer months.  In some areas of the country, it is possible to have a year-round hot tub experience.

There are certainly times when a wooden hot tub can makes its case.  After all, there is nothing like the look and feel of a well-made cedar structure like this. If you know where you want to place your hot tub ‘for good’, then opting for a more permanent location might be fine.  However, when you talk about inflatable hot tub prices, it is hard to compare.  The inflatable styles will cost you under $1,000 USD and as low as $500-600 USD with about $100 USD more for a cover.  When we are talking about a more traditional spa at several thousands and upwards of close to $10,000 for the premium styles, maybe an inflatable hot tub is a good place to start.

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