Making Your Covered Patio Plans Simple

With the myriad of choices in exterior home design, whether this be for a patio or landscape features, the homeowner can often be left with a very confused feeling of what to do first.  This may be the situation you find yourself in.  Well, in this article, we are going to be discussing some things you can do to get your patio into the kind of look and function you are wanting.  For some, this may seem like an easy endeavor.  For those who are true patio enthusiasts, then you know that there is a little more to covered patio plans than meets the eye.  In fact, even if you have a great patio now, you might be looking for other designs or ideas.

This is not the best example of a simple patio cover - it is beautiful though!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve grown to understand just how important your patio space can be.  After all, life isn’t getting any less stressful and the patio is the perfect place to go and unwind from the day.  There was a time in our country’s history when the front porch was the place to rest and relax after a long day or spend time on the weekends.  There you’d be with the other neighbors, kids playing in the front yard and riding up and down the street.  Well, times have changed, but we still long for those restful evenings and weekends.  The question is, what type of covered patio designs can give you what you are after.

Let’s dive into some patio design ideas and see what works for you.  First of all, you should decide upon what type of patio you are looking for.  Do you want something that is more fully covered or are you thinking about going with something more like an open lattice roof?  Maybe you even have something like a more modern outdoor room idea in mind.  You can certainly make any of these a reality.  Photo credit

Covered patio ideas range from simple to complex.  If you are going to be doing the project yourself, opt for simple.  This doesn’t mean your patio structure will come out looking cheap, it will just be much more simple to accessorize and enhance later.  If you go with something that is very ornate or heavy on design and structure, you may not be able to modify it later without significant costs or help.  Unless you know exactly what you’d like to have a decade from now still standing, go with a more simple design. Think in terms of a simple pergola idea.  You can utilize this type of structure as the ‘bones’ of your patio and then make it as accessorized as you wish.

With the right patio cover plans, you can have your patio serve any number of functions.  Some homeowners are more entertainers while others prefer to lounge. Of course, you need not exclude one activity for the other, but certain designs make more sense depending upon how you use your space.  For example, the outdoor room concept mentioned above is going to work very well for an entertaining homeowner, one who enjoys hosting get-togethers.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t simply lounge and relax as well, it is just better suited to have a more ‘formal’ outdoor dinner party than it is for wet kids getting out of the pool and enjoying.  The idea is that your patio is really more of a reflection of the way you live your life.  Let your lifestyle guide the covered patio plans that are right for you.  Keep it simple and enjoy!

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