Do Metal Roof Plans Work for A Patio?

One of the primary reasons to consider a metal roof is because of its longevity. It is not uncommon for a steel roof to last for more than 50 years. This is why you will hear that metal roofing is the last type of roof you’ll ever need to put on your home. There are many roofs made of tin, bronze, copper and steel that have lasted well over 60 years. These are often found on older properties; like farms and ranches, though some exist on barns and other patio structures.

The reason that we bring up this topic on our site is because of its use for a patio roof. It makes for a really nice option in terms of aesthetics and it can also be quite simple to install for these applications. If you choose to go with a more expensive metal tile or material like copper, then you’ll probably want to invest in having a professional roofer do the installation. The industrious DIYer could handle a corrugated metal panel install just laid over some rafters or on top of some sheeting.

metal roof

This is an example from Steelmaster of a large metal roof that is over a nice patio space.

These types of installations are often more for show than anything that we would consider for protection from the elements in a waterproof sort of way.

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Patio Roof Plans

So, what are your plans for your patio’s roof? You should know that the lattice roof found on many pergola designs is quite a popular choice. It is made using a wooden post and beam structure supporting rafters. These are what can then support a lattice structure up top or can be the finished ‘roof’ themselves.

Another option with the pergola is to place this sheet or metal roofing materials directly over these rafters as was just mentioned. Not only does this provide you with more solid shade, but it will also give you a nice sound effect when rain is hitting it.

metal roof_gutter

Next step is to add a metal roof and get an even more efficient and 'clean' rain water collection system for use in the garden.

An additional point that makes a metal patio roof an attractive option is how it can be used with a rain water collection system or cistern. Since metal is naturally mildew and algae growth resistant and not produced with petroleum by-products, it allows for clean water runoff. This rainwater can be collected in your cisterns and used to water your plants in your garden.  This works especially well if your home has continuous or seamless gutters installed.

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You know – if you are a frequent visitor of our site – that we are big fans of building with green and environmentally-friendly materials and products wherever possible.   You’ll also appreciate that we find products that are as attractive aesthetically as they are environmentally where such products exist.  This is why we like the idea of a roof plans that call for using metal.

Environmental Benefits of a Metal Roof

copper metal roof

This is a nice example of how copper will develop a nice patina over time.

It is lightweight, which makes it amenable to being installed over existing roof materials. This minimizes both labor in tearing off an old roof and also reduces waste that will accumulate in a landfill – especially since many older roofs contain those petroleum by-products.

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In addition to this, metal is recyclable. In fact, many metal roofs contain as much as 25% recycled (sometimes 95%!) materials. It is also able to allow water to run off and snow to be shed, removing the load on the roof.

We’ve mentioned the algae and mildew resistance. There is also a property known as ‘hydrostatic’ meaning that it protects a roof system from growing fungus created by moisture. This is more of a concern on your home than an open patio space, but it deserves mention, nonetheless.

Finally, metal is an energy efficient choice. It reflects up to 70% of the sun’s energy, minimizing heat retention. On the roof of your home, this could translate into 34% less heat gain when compared to a typical asphalt shingle roof. Speaking of the sun and patio roofs, we’ve also discussed the solar patio cover in another article. You may be interested in that option as well, potentially a combination of both.

For these reasons and more, a patio metal roof makes for a great choice for your unique patio. You’ll have a hard time finding patio covers that provide you with durability through hot and cold temperatures, wet and dry weather cycles and climate zones, high UV ray areas, windy conditions, hail, ice or snow as a metal roof does.

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