Outdoor Bar Furniture Options

When you are entertaining or simply enjoy your outdoor patio space with your family, outdoor bar furniture is a key component to the complete patio set.  You might have a wonderful set of patio furniture and even a great covered patio, but what about the bar and barstools?

You don’t have to be in college or have some type of party atmosphere going on every night to enjoy a quality outdoor bar set up at your home.  The outdoor bar fits in perfectly with the way that we all wish to use the patio.  It is a place for rest and relaxation.  Imagine kicking your feet up in the hammock with a cold drink in your hands.  Better yet, how about bellying up to your backyard bar with friends and watching the game.

This outdoor bar furniture reflects what it was once used for.

This outdoor bar furniture reflects what it was once used for.

There are bar designs that can be pre-made and simply assembled on site or you can have a custom one built just for you.  Some custom orders include unique features like bamboo facing, palm frond ‘roofs’ or things like stainless steel appliances and granite counters.

Your outdoor bar can be as elegant or ‘grass-shacky’ as you like.  In fact, one of the most popular styles is the backyard Tiki bar theme.  You know this one, with the torches, island mask figure heads, grass hut looking style.

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If this is what you are after, then your outdoor patio bar furniture will likely be less of an issue.  If you are interested in this more playful theme, then your chairs might be a simple plastic patio chair.  If you want to go a little bit more upscale or you have a more elegant theme in mind, your outdoor bar stools can be quite inviting and comfortable.

It all depends upon where your bar will be located on your patio.  Having a covered patio will make a big difference if you plan on keeping your bar area there.  This way, the bar and stools themselves will be protected from the elements in a direct way, but still exposed to heat and dust.  In this regard, they will still need to be cared after.

Another way to go for your outdoor bar furniture is in the way of a bistro type set up.  This looks just like what you might find in a small café or chic bar area.  What you’ll have is a high table and usually a couple chairs.  Patio tables like these are often made with metal or woods that can withstand the outdoor elements, like teak or cedar.  The outdoor bar stools are also made of matching materials.  However, one unique feature can be in the design of these chairs.  Some have a swivel seat, others are fixed.  Some will have cushioned seats or you might need to get some patio cushions for them.

You can get this in a variety of price ranges as well.  The simple metal versions with the mesh screen tables and chairs might cost you around $250 USD for the set.  This may or may not include a patio umbrella and stand.  More often than not, this will be an additional accessory available for you to purchase separately.  The higher end teak bar sets will cost somewhere closer to $750-1,500 USD or more, depending upon the quality of craftsmanship and size.  If you compare these costs to other outdoor dining furniture, you will find that it is comparable.

We’d like to say that there is one style that is best, but this wouldn’t really be fair.  The best style is the one that works well in your given scenario and patio design.  Keep in mind that with outdoor bars, you will likely be using them for entertaining and they should be functional.  You would not like to have to be moving some big and cumbersome bar around a lot.  Matching your bar and other patio furniture may be an issue. However, if you have opted to build an outdoor kitchen space or other room, then your bar may just be built in to your designs.  In this scenario, you really only need to worry about your outdoor bar stools – the counter and bar will be taken care of with the built structure.  For this reason and more, finding the best outdoor bar furniture that works for how you live on your patio is the best idea.

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