Outdoor Chandelier Lighting

Having the right type of lighting is a critical feature of any well-designed and planned patio space.  With outdoor rooms what they are today, you could almost forget you were outside if it weren’t for the stars overhead.  Even this could be remedied with the right patio cover.  But, this article is about outdoor chandeliers and the various styles they come in.  You can imagine that with the trend to create exotic and imaginative outdoor spaces more inviting, that lighting ideas are sure to be a big part of the equation.

This is certainly the case.  Outdoor lighting options have created a wide variety of possible solutions for your design ideas outdoors.  There are the typical wired variety, some involving spot lighting or more traditional flood lighting combinations.  You can also find solar options that require no need for wiring, though may be available as a back up power source.  There are just times when solar energy will not be available because of cloudy weather or when you might need to store the power generated for a later time.  This is the perfect situation for a solar lighting with wires option.  Then, there are the more exotic or eccentric looking styles we are discussing in this article.

These chandeliers can also come in a variety of styles.  More common chandelier styles with the crystals and pendants are often reserved for indoor uses.  In fact, these styles of chandelier are also available outdoors.  However, more common are rustic lighting options, like the rusty metal or antler looking styles.  These appear more often because of their rugged looking appearance and ability to blend in with your outdoor space more easily.  More contemporary deck and patio spaces often incorporate warm ambient deck lights and other patio lighting that can make your space more inviting.

An outdoor chandelier is much more of a focal point for the eye and the ambiance it brings than for any amount of light it throws.  In other words, you don’t get a chandelier for your patio because you need to be able to see more clearly.  You get a chandelier to hang from your patio cover to provide a more elegant environment to relax and rejuvenate in.  It takes a certain type of patio enthusiast to make the extra investment to go with a chandelier.  You can get light from a ceiling fan or simple pendant style fixture.  If you want to up the classy and exotic factor, you need an outdoor chandelier to do that.

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