Outdoor Chandelier – More Than A Light

If your patio is as much of a place of enjoyment and solace as any of your indoor rooms, then getting the right type of outdoor lighting is critical.  Not only will the right lighting allow you to actually see and navigate your space, but it will also set the mood as well.  Entertaining outdoors is an absolutely pleasurable activity that many areas of the country can enjoy nearly year-round.  One favorite type of lighting that we particularly enjoy is the outdoor chandelier.

If you thought chandeliers were only for indoor spaces, think again.  In fact, there are all sorts of rustic lighting

It just feels instantly more elegant with a chandelier - even outside.

It just feels instantly more elegant with a chandelier - even outside.

options that may suit your patio space.  Some of these patio light options include rope or string lights.  The rope style is sometimes referred to as deck lights, because of how they can be mounted along a railing or perimeter of a deck.  There are also styles that are more playful or whimsical and can be hung from your patio cover or other outdoor patio structure.  You might even find that your patio umbrella can be used as a source of light – at least in so far as the umbrella structure can support different lighting options.

But, for truly elegant lighting and a grand outdoor space, you’ve got to look into getting an outdoor chandelier.  These are not just indoor models that you no longer care about so you stick them outside.  These varieties have been manufactured to withstand the conditions of water and other issues with the elements, such as temperature and dust.  Imagine your patio as a type of outdoor room.  This room, just like others in your home, has a roof, floor and walls.  Okay, sometimes the walls are more a hint of a wall, like posts upon which some outdoor curtains or shades have been hung.  The floor can be stone or pavers and may be softened by the use of an outdoor rug.

The use of quality outdoor dining furniture will also help to create the mood of the space in question.  If you use top of the line furniture, your lighting will only serve to accent that and make your space shine even more.  So, enough talk about why a chandelier makes such a great addition to your outdoor room, how about some specifics.

The style of chandelier that you choose will be directly related to how you plan on using your space.  Like all accessories, you will get the most benefit if the type of lighting you choose matches your entertaining style.  These outdoor chandeliers we are speaking about are also available with shades, so you are not limited to the pendant drops and crystal styles.  Again, in all circumstances, remember to ensure that any outdoor light you choose is approved for outdoor use, has sealed electrical circuitry and is appropriately grounded.  You can get additional protection from having your switch in a rubberized ‘envelope’ with a heavier gauge outdoor cord.  These things should all come standard on any outdoor chandelier.

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