Outdoor Glider – A Swinging Outdoor Bench

Your outdoor patio space is where you can go to ease your mind and relax your worries away.   If your home is your castle, then your patio is the king’s room.  There are any number of pieces of patio furniture that can be used to rest your weary body on.  One of our favorites here at Patio Covers Place is the outdoor glider.

Just like the title says, these outdoor gliders are very much like having an outdoor bench that moves back and forth.  It is similar to an outdoor swing, but with some slight differences – both in design and motion.  The way that a glider works is by having its pivot points mounted to a frame upon which the seat itself is attached.  You can see an example of a cedar outdoor glider in this photo.

This outdoor glider is made of cedar - sits and glides beautifully.

This outdoor glider is made of cedar - sits and glides beautifully.

The motion of a glider like this is what makes it so relaxing.  Rather than having a free-form type of movement like you might get with a child’s swing, these move only in one plane – forward and backward.  It is this same motion that has made those indoor gliders so popular for feeding and rocking babies and to simply relax on inside.  There is just something very soothing about the rhythm.
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As far as materials go, you can see by the photo that they come in wood styles.  Cedar is not the only choice, but is again one of our favorite types of woods.  Cedar is both attractive and a great outdoor wood choice and can also be forested in a sustainable way – a big plus in our minds.  This type of wood can be finished with clear sealers or stains to tint the natural wood or it may be left to weather to a nice silvery gray color.

Another popular outdoor furniture glider is the aluminum framed-nylon seated variety.  It has the same overall design elements as the wooden choices, just different in construction and color choices.  With these styles, the aluminum is powder coated to create a long-lasting finish and the nylon mesh seat and back support sections can provide for a softer seat.

Speaking of a softer seat, there are outdoor glider cushions that can make sitting on your cedar or other wooden style that much more comfortable.  In fact, if you are considering one of the cedar or redwood outdoor glider chairs, it would be well worth it to spend the extra bit for the glider cushions, too. These make great additions to your garden or patio furniture pieces.  Because there is only minimal assembly in some cases, order your outdoor glider and you’ll be swinging on it by next weekend in most cases.

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