Outdoor Kitchen Designs

With the trend of moving the indoors out, there is no better room in the house to have outside than the kitchen.  So, it should come as no great surprise that outdoor kitchen designs are making big waves in home remodeling plans.  If you’ve watched any home improvement shows or enjoy HGTV, then you have likely seen some of these marvels.

An outdoor kitchen is exactly what it sounds like and it has all of the amenities of your indoor kitchen.  Gone are the days where you would only be able to grill or fry outside, needing to do all of the prep work and cleaning inside.  Now, you can find sinks, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, you name it that are made for the outdoors.

With an eye for outdoor kitchen design, you can have one of the most enjoyable places to not only prepare you meals but enjoy them as well.  Imagine all the time you can spend in your outdoor room.  With the right type of patio cover, outdoor dining furniture and lighting, your breakfast or evening of entertainment awaits.

This is a modular outdoor kitchen design idea - others are more built in.

Outdoor kitchen appliances have come a long way as well, as they should.  There is only a limited way to use appliances made for the indoors in an outdoor space.  Unless they are fully covered and protected from the elements, you will not be able to find them useful in weathering the elements of nature.  They will deteriorate and fail, leaving you with even more problems.

So, you’ll need to decide what it is that you want your kitchen to look like and how you will use it.  Outdoor kitchen plans can be found online.  Or, if you are more serious about getting your ideas put on paper, you can hire an architect and contractor to help get your outdoor kitchen plans drawn up right.  There are many things to consider when it comes to sizing and materials.

For more outdoor kitchen design ideas you can look in the fine home magazines or take home tours locally in your area.  There are often fund raising tours or open homes that are great for this.  In addition to online and live home tours, you can also get some great ideas regarding outdoor kitchens and rooms from your local home shows.  These typically have hundreds of vendors that represent any number of building trades.  Here, you can find vendors that can give you ideas regarding your kitchen flooring whether that is patio pavers, flagstone or other masonry materials to ideas regarding your outdoor lighting and patio furniture.

The first step in realizing your dream outdoor kitchen is in the design stages.  The ideas and plans you formulate now will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.  Just like in your indoor space, your outdoor kitchen will be just as popular as a gathering place for your family and friends.  So, be smart and make sure that your outdoor kitchen designs match the way in which you live your life and will help you to enjoy the space you create.

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