Outdoor Lamps

If your outdoor space needs some more lighting, then you should look into the various styles of outdoor lamps and see if they will fit the requirements you have.  It depends upon what you would consider an outdoor lamp, however.  There are styles that range from the old street corner style of lamp to the more common patio light styles made of paper, metal or glass.

You’ll also find in your searches ads and the like for outdoor lighting that will include wall lights, sconces, floor lamps and an assortment of specific lighting needs.  The one area where patio lighting is becoming more and more specialized is in the area of task and accessory lighting.  There used to just be those outdoor flood light types of installations available and that was about all.  Now, you can find lighting that is as simple as a little bullet shaped head concealable in your patio structure itself or something more of a focal point, like an outdoor chandelier.

Just a look at an outdoor lamp style.

Just a look at an outdoor lamp style.

Your outdoor lighting needs are only limited by your design and decor elements and budget of course.  With the materials and tools available now, it is possible to create just about any type of lighting for your outdoor needs that you can dream up.  In fact, many custom installations take pride in the fact that their rustic lighting looks like it has been around for years to develop that patina.  Similarly, this type of rustic look can give your patio space a very defined look.

Just because your outdoor space doesn’t have the formal walls and ceiling of your indoor rooms, don’t think you can’t decorate it just the same.  In fact, with the stars and sky as your ‘ceiling’, there is no limit to how creative you can get in making your outdoor room feel as comfortable as an indoor space.  If your patio paver ‘flooring’ isn’t creating the soft type of feel you are after, look into the number of outdoor rugs made specifically for this purpose.  Need more lighting next to your chaise lounge, opt for an outdoor lamp.

Styles of Outdoor Lamps

We talked earlier in this article about how there are many different names for these outdoor lighting choices.  When referring to outdoor lamps, you might be thinking one thing and Google or Yahoo might be thinking something else.  As you read here, you can see what was chosen to use for a picture in this article.  While this is not all inclusive of the types of lamps available, it does show a couple different styles.

Another very popular style consists of outdoor floor lamps and table lamps.  As mentioned, outdoor rooms have created a big boom in the way of products made specifically for the outdoors.  Originally, you would have to simply bring the couches, chairs or other items you wanted to use out to your patio – usually the stuff you didn’t care as much about because you knew the weather would take its toll on it.  But now, with the technology advancements and changes in materials and designs, your outdoor wares rival anything that is made for indoor use only.  You can find outdoor lamps that are made with the same high grade materials and craftsmanship as your favorite Tiffany lamp from yesteryear.

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