Outdoor Patio Design Ideas and Plans

Coming up with great outdoor patio design ideas for your home can be difficult and frustrating. But once you have the idea in mind, laying it out and building it is the easy part. Take advantage of some of these patio ideas and designs to give you a jump start.  Feel free to think outside the standard patio box.  In other words, you don’t have to limit yourself to patio covers or decking that is standard practice – expand your imagination to include other indoor ideas outside.

Outdoor Home Theater

An outdoor home theater on your patio is a great way to enjoy an evening together with the family, and can be designed in many different styles.  There are a number of outdoor speakers that can suit most any design that you can imagine.

For instance, you could go with the typical home theater idea, designing it to match what is normally found in a movie theater. A spacious, open aired area, with a flat-panel screen or projection TV built into one wall, and bench seats can help bring the illusion home.  However, another idea is to make it look and feel like a drive-in movie theater, complete with retro movie posters, lighting and the layout.

The Open-Air Diner

The idea behind the open-air diner is to transform what would normally be a standard grilling experience into something more.  We’ve discussed this in greater detail about building or designing an outdoor kitchen space.

The grill could be integrated into a counter-top area, where the food is cooked, and then served, with the guests and family sitting on stools at the counter, or a table and benches that would normally be found in a diner.

Other accessories could be a jukebox and posters, and, if desired, an entire ’50s motif could be used – complete with outdoor bar stools, checkered flooring that could be either painted or stained concrete, a paver design or some other flooring choice.  There are a variety of patio cushion styles that could also bring back that ’50s theme.

Designing a patio in this way will not only make family dining a fun experience, but a great talking point for guests, as well.

Patio Pond

While many patios feature fountains as a centerpiece, the patio pond does that and more.

In the middle of the patio area, a small pool of water is installed, with a fountain sitting at its center. This fountain recirculates the water within the pond, which could contain hardy fish, such as Koi, and water plants.

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Small stream beds could be cut from this central pond, which slowly water a garden area surrounding the patio.

This type of patio could either have a roof or not, depending upon the homeowner’s wishes. In either case, the gentle sounds of the water circulating make a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind.  This could even be a solar fountain so that you didn’t have to worry about running electrical or other power supplies.

When trying to come up with outdoor patio design ideas, thinking of things that would not be typically found within a patio is a way to get other ideas, as well. There are many unconventional outdoor patio designs that would make any home great.

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