Outdoor Patio Fireplace Options

Depending upon the climate you are in, you may well be able to enjoy a fire outdoors nearly year round.  For places where this is not a possibility, you can still enjoy yours on those cool spring or fall nights and then store your outdoor fireplace away for the winter.  Yes, you can actually store it away, depending of course on what type of style you choose.  There are many different options with respect to the type of fireplace and outdoor activities you want to enjoy.

Your patio space may lend itself to more of a transient or movable fireplace style. These types of patio fireplaces are more characteristic of metal styles that have screen covers to help with the sparking embers and to reduce any possible injuries from contact with the fire itself.  These are a very popular category of fireplace.

A more substantial type of outdoor fireplace made with stone and brick.

A more substantial type of outdoor fireplace made with stone and brick.

Just as popular as the patio fireplace models, just mentioned, a patio fire pit is also a great option.  This is a more permanent solution to having your outdoor fires going, but don’t let that deter you.  In fact, if done right, these are much more user-friendly because they provide a more structured gathering place for your family or guests.  Occasionally, you will find that the ‘fire pit on wheels’ is a bit cumbersome or less substantial than a built in fire pit. 

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A built-in fire pit has some issues with water pooling.  If you don’t have it built right, this will lead to problems.  Additionally, you might find that as your landscape matures, or you change the look of your backyard with the addition of a pergola or other type of patio cover, you may wish you had your fire pit somewhere else.  This is just the nature of life.  So, if you are fairly certain where you’d ultimately like your outdoor fireplace to go, then a pit will work quite well.

With all this being said, the portable styles are really convenient as well.  For the reasons mentioned and because you can get them in a variety of materials, a portable one works out well for a great majority of people who love to spend their time outdoors next to a fire – they work very similarly to an outdoor patio heater.  There are many styles made with various metals.  Depending upon their size, the gauge of metal is usually thicker to allow for expansion when hot from the fire.  A very thin metal will warp and bend with the heat, even melt if it is a large fire in a lower quality made style.

34″ Slate & Marble Surround Fire pit with copper Accents
Big Sky Fire Pit Stars and Moons. The bowl depth is 12.5-inch.
Create atmosphere anywhere. Now it is easy to have the warmth and atmosphere of an outdoor wood burning fireplace or campfire. Use the Weber Fireplace camping, on a patio or in the garden – anywhere you want to enjoy the fun of a fire without leaving a trace of it. Bring warmth to cool nights and an inviting glow to any occasion. Made of heavy-gauge steel construction, the lid and bowl are porcelain enameled, that won’t rust, fade or burn. The heat shield is made of rust-resistant aluminum, and the support ring is galvanized steel.

Many outdoor fireplaces can be found that suit any type of home decor.  There are the metal styles mentioned, but there are also stone and cement models as well.  Because real cement and some stone have problems with high heat,

The snow on this chiminea is less common in the desert southwest where they are popular patio accessories.

The snow on this chiminea is less common in the desert southwest where they are popular patio accessories.

some synthetics and specialty built walls can prevent future problems.  There are even tables that come with smaller fire pits right in the center.  A different type of fireplace that can be found in the regions of the desert southwest are called chimineas.  These are usually larger clay pots that are shaped somewhat like a raindrop and usually rest on a stand.  They are actually meant more for decorative purposes in most cases and intense heat can often crack them, so you should make sure that you buy one that is rated for actually burning fires in.  

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Another popular category is the outdoor gas fireplace one.  With these, you can avoid the need to burn wood for fuel and you can just turn them on and off when you wish.  Again, because of issues with hoses or hard propane or natural gas lines, placement can be an issue.  So, if you are going to consider one of these options, you’ll need to address location as you do with the in-ground fire pit.  Similarly, there are outdoor fireplace units that are simply like pre-built units that are either just assembled on-site, or can be dropped into place.  These can have a stone appearance and can even be aged to make them look like they’ve been there for quite some time.             

This beautiful propane-powered copper fire pit has a 60,000 BTU gas ring. Lava rock makes a perfect flame for an evening under the stars on the patio or at your favorite camp ground. Gas fire pits are a great way to bring your family together for a fun evening with wonderful ambience. The fire pit simply connects to your bulk propane tank and will burn for hours.

A trendy way to go these days is to utilize a fire channel or it could also be a bowl shape or other pit-like ensemble.  Within these channels or bowls are placed fireglass.  This is a special glass that can withstand the temperatures of the flame burning through it.  Again, it is meant to be used in place of wood as fuel.  These systems definitely use a fixed propane or other natural gas line as the source of fuel.  You’ll find these styles in many of the trendier hotels that have outdoor patio seating.

Pricing for these various styles and models ranges from $200 USD for a simple, portable style on upwards into the thousands.  It is really hard to quote a price when there are so many models to choose from.  When you know the type of fire or setting that you’d like to have, then settling on the right type of outdoor fireplace will become that much easier.

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