Outdoor Patio Lights

Shopping for patio lights can be a bit of a daunting task if you are not aware of exactly what you want.  With so many options to choose from, finding this job in your hands may be more than you bargained for.  The main things to consider when you are looking for lighting for your patio are:  location, type of light and your usage requirements.

These are incidentally the same things you need to consider with all outdoor lighting questions and matters.  We will take a few moments to break all these components down.  First, consider the fact that depending on the site you are searching or the store you contact, they may be using terms that are synonymous or quite different.  What this means is that while one site may be discussing outdoor patio lighting, another store or online site will be talking about deck lights.  Geographically, these may be different items, however, they may also be talking about what you are interested in, so you’ll need to clarify this first.

The reason why location can make a difference for your patio light choice is that it will help determine the style that will work best.  If you are looking for light to navigate your patio and backyard space with, then outdoor flood lights are what you will need.  True, these are not the most elegant looking types of lighting, but they will do what you need – illuminate a path or entire area.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more intimate type of area, then patio lighting that is more like an indoor can will perform better for you in this scenario.  In fact, depending upon how your patio cover is built, you may be able to hide your lighting fixtures between beams or posts, making it appear more visually clean.  If you would like to create an intimate environment, but also be able to notice your elegant fixtures, then rustic lighting may be what you need to consider.  Within this category are styles of lights that could include metal with a patina or antler style chandeliers.  Outdoor chandeliers, incidentally, can make a big statement in any outdoor room or deck space.

Type of Light
outdoor_patio_lightsHere, we are talking mostly about whether you go with a more standard wired light or a solar style of light.  It is more common to be able to find solar garden lights, but flood lighting and other deck lights are available with solar features now.  Because your patio is exposed to so much sunlight potentially, being outdoors, it is in a prime location to get enough energy from the sun to power your lights.  Similarly, the openness of your garden landscape allows for those solar lights to get enough sun to provide light through most of the evening and night hours.  If you are looking for more pronounced or bright lighting, then you will likely need to consider a wired and possibly low-voltage system.

Light Usage
This category of patio lighting relates with the type of light issues and location themes as well.  It has to do more with how you use your patio or deck space.  People that have more entertaining and parties will have different needs than someone who occasionally spends some time outdoors in the early morning or evening reading a book or drinking some tea.

Your patio activities will also dictate the type of lighting you need.  If you have designed an outdoor kitchen, then you will require some task lights or other lights that are bright enough to allow you to prepare your food.  Similarly, those intimate spaces you wish to create will require spot lighting.  In fact, these types of places can be created almost exclusively with the right use of specific patio lights.

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