Outdoor Rooms: Obvious Place for Outdoor Entertaining

If you have ever looked into what it might take to remodel your home to expand, you might have found how expensive such a proposition this is.  And, if this is what you are interested in doing, then this article will be encouraging news for what is available in the patio living side of things.  You see, some years back, it started to become popular to have some of the conveniences of the indoors outside.  These were things like cook tops, refrigerators, etc.  So, naturally, outdoor kitchen designs took off and people began to embrace this concept.  This was probably what gave birth to the outdoor room idea.

Now, there are outdoor rooms with all sorts of styles and conveniences of modern living.  No longer do you have to ‘rough’ it outside and sit on uncomfortable furniture in the blazing summer heat.  Some things just cannot be removed.  If you are trying to make summer not feel like summer in some areas of the country, good luck.  However, you can make your experience outdoors much more enjoyable.  Take temperature issues just as one example.

A beautiful looking outdoor room set up.

A beautiful looking outdoor room set up.

One of the most critical features of any outdoor patio room is going to be shade in the daytime and a sense of protection and coziness in the evening.  For shade, there are things like patio covers, awnings and blinds or curtains if you want a softer and more exotic look.  There are really no rules to these things.  Sure, outdoor landscape designers and decorators can give you some great ideas for what your possibilities are, but if your space fits your needs, then you are doing it right.

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Another great feature you can add to your patio space is a misting system. These are nothing more than a tubing system that has nozzles placed evenly along the line that sprays out a fine mist of water to cool your patio space.  They are reported to be able to cool a patio area by as much as 30 degrees.  Part of this effect is the perceived cooling it provides.  The smaller the water droplets that come out, the better the effect.  The droplets hit your skin and then evaporate.  It is this evaporation that creates the cool sensation.  Larger droplets mean slower evaporation.

Now, as far as that evening entertaining goes, the critical component is your outdoor lighting.  This is what will create the ambiance.  While flood lights will throw a lot of light, they will not provide any sort of spot lighting for more intimate settings or gatherings.  Your outdoor room needs light just like any indoor room in your home.  When you have both spot and flood lighting options, then you can create more of a mood.

A final key feature to your outdoor entertaining in the evening is heating.  If we are talking about the fall or spring, patio heaters can solve your problems.  For the most part, you can get by with one of these and solve any issues with your patio being too cold to be comfortable.  A typical floor-mounted patio heater that is fueled by propane will be adequate for about a 10-15 foot diameter.

You can also go for a more intimate setting using an outdoor patio fireplace.  These are quite portable and available in a number of different styles and sizes.  They are very similar to a firepit, but are less permanent.  You can achieve a more quaint gathering around a natural wood fire than you will on a patio with a propane heater.  Although, you can also get a patio fire pit table that can give you both a small crackling fire with the convenience of an outdoor table to sit at.  Again, the choices and accessories for your patio are almost endless.  If you can imagine it, it is probably available somewhere online.  And, if it is, it is probably talked about here at Patio Covers Place, where outdoor rooms and other patio living ideas are our passion.

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