Outdoor Rugs – Soften Up Your Patio Landscape

There has been a trend going on for several years that is just beginning to pick up some real steam.  This trend is in outdoor rooms.  What we mean by this is having a virtual room set up but it is simply outdoors.  So, just like with your indoor room, you have walls, carpet, and ceiling or roof.  Outdoor spaces also have similar elements.

In an outdoor room, you’ll have your ‘walls’ made by your patio blinds or other type of living shrub, bush or climbing vines.  Your roof or ceiling to your outdoor room could be provided also by your climbing vines and other greenery or from a man-made source, such as a canopy or awning.  The floor of your room will likely be made of some type of stone or other masonry product.  If you are looking for a more rustic appeal, you could use a tumbled patio paver for a nice floor.  Then, you can have your patio furniture arranged around or on top of some outdoor rugs for a truly polished look.

A good example of how an outdoor rug can soften the patio space.

A good example of how an outdoor rug can soften the patio space.

Here at Patio Covers Place, we really like the way that discussing this simple accessory can bring in so many other elements of patio living and design ideas.  This is what we live for and want to help you create.  At one point, you probably would have had to settle for some rug that you just didn’t care about anymore and so you could use it outdoors.  Well, this is certainly not the case anymore.  There are outdoor area rugs that are made just for that space and will serve you much better than using one made for indoor use.

The difference between an indoor and outdoor rug is mainly in materials at this point.  There may have been design or appeal differences in the past, but you can pretty much get the same types of styles and designs now for both.  In addition to these esthetic differences, outdoor patio rugs can also be better suited for this space because they can be found in large sizes as well.  You can still get them in a standard 6’ x 9’ size and rounds as well.

What makes them truly unique is the materials, as mentioned.  This is particularly the case with the renewable and sustainable materials we are so fond of around here.  For example, outdoor bamboo rugs make for a great look and stand up very well to the elements.  Because this material is a sustainable and renewable source, like their bamboo blind cousins, these rugs are some of our top picks.  So, if you’re in the market looking for outdoor rugs for your patio or deck space, consider these in your mix.

So, what type of material are these outdoor rugs made of?  Good question.  Aside from the obvious choice we’ve mentioned using bamboo, there are other durable materials as well.  If you’ve read our articles and browsed our site before, you know that we are highly interested in materials and practices that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.  This is why we are such big fans of the bamboo products as mentioned.

In keeping with these principles, we also realize that not all products are made with these materials and that often we must look to other options for support of these ideals.  If you consider quality for a moment, you will realize that a quality accessory like an outdoor rug will last much longer than a cheaper imitation or poorly made one.  This is in line with our philosophy as well.  If something lasts, it will be around longer and will not be put into the trash and landfills.  The reason to bring this up is because there are many high quality polypropylene rugs.  These not only resist fading, but also have high mildew resistance because they dry quickly as well.  In the end, it comes down to your overall impact and choices for all of your patio accessories – this includes your outdoor rugs as well.

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