Outdoor Shower Designs and Ideas

Installing an outdoor shower into your yard is a relatively easy project, with many styles and color choices available. There are also many advantages to having one installed.

Typically, an outdoor shower is designed to match the style of the house that it is installed in. If the materials used to build the house were adobe, or concrete, the outside shower would be built of the same material. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, the shower may be designed to match the surrounding patio garden area, painted to match the colors of the plants and flowers. Other homeowners may choose to install a simple shower unit beside a pool.

How creative the homeowner wants to get with the outside shower is up to them, and there really is no limit to the design possibilities.  Some homeowners would like to have a shower outside as an easy way to cool themselves off on a hot summer day. If, for example, a pool is unavailable, an outside shower can make a great substitute.

Outdoor Shower Enclosures

You can see that this gorgeous outdoor shower enclosure is as beautiful as the deck itself.

Others are installed for more practical purposes. If the homeowner is a hobbyist with an enthusiasm for wood work, and does much of the work outside, having a shower nearby would be helpful in preventing sawdust from entering the home.  In fact, the outdoor shower enclosure itself could be built using a nice outdoor-friendly wood like cedar, redwood, lauan or teak.

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The same could be done for those heavily involved in gardening, so the dirt and plant material do not make their way into the home.

For homes close to the beach, an outside shower is very useful, especially for those who swim or surf in the ocean. Salt and sand can quickly destroy the carpets and woodwork of homes, so having a way to wash it off is important.

When designing outside showers, keep in mind the aspect of privacy. If the shower is going to be used poolside, while bathing suits are being worn, having an open-air shower would not be a problem.  A simple cedar or teak outdoor storage bench could be a great place to not only store the shower supplies, but a perfect place to sit and dry off.

However, for more private shower uses, integrating the surrounding shrubbery or trees, building walls or fencing materials to enclose the area, or other means of blocking the view can easily be achieved. This will prevent any prying eyes.

In any case, for a typical outside shower, when enclosing the area of the shower, it should stay open to the air above so that the sunlight can still stream in.

Outdoor showers can not only make beautiful additions to a home and raise the real estate value of it in a cost-efficient way, the benefits to owning one can be surprising.

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