An Outdoor Storage Bench Has Many Uses

When you start looking for that perfect bench for your garden or patio, you may not be aware of the many available styles and features.  Yes, you read that correctly, there are features to look for with regard to an outdoor bench.  While the most obvious feature is comfort, there are others to consider as well.  In fact, comfort might not be at the top of your list if what you are after is function.

Many people are looking for ways to maximize the space they already have.  At Patio Covers Place, we fully embrace and support this type of idea.  An outdoor storage bench is the perfect solution to get both function and comfort – if you do it right that is.  By right, we mean to say that you also consider those bench cushions that will keep you and your backside cushioned as you enjoy your new sitting spot in your outdoor space.

outdoor_storage_bench_new_cedarA storage bench is great for not only keeping those necessary but unsightly items out of your site, but for providing a good resting spot for you or other garden and backyard friendly animals that may come by to visit.  If you plan on just leaving your bench out in the elements to capture that nice rustic look, then you can appreciate the fact that you may have other Mother Nature’s creatures enjoying that place as well.

For this reason alone, we would recommend that you ensure that you don’t keep any items inside for too long that may be damaged by insects or small animals that happen to find their way into your storage bench.  This is really only a concern if your outdoor bench has space for these critters to enter.  A well-sealed and constructed wooden bench will not likely leave too much room for small animals to enter, but it may still allow some insects in.

Keeping your patio chair cushions and other items inside your outdoor bench is what it is for after all.  However, if you plan on retiring your outdoor patio adventures for the season, then you should store your cushions and other items that you think need more special care indoors.  A garage, storage shed or attic space can be a better place to keep these items until you are ready to use them again in the following season.  For items like grilling equipment or gardening tools that are small enough to fit into this storage bench, the seat itself should be plenty of protection.  Again, you should use your best judgment about the type of outdoor storage bench you have and the impact that the long-term exposure from the elements will cause.

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