Outdoor Storage Bench – Great Versatile Seating

When you are looking for a great combination of flexible and functional seating, look no further than an outdoor storage bench.  These are the ideal candidates when you need someplace to add some extra seating or when you just need to keep some other patio items or chair cushions tucked away until you need them.  What makes them so versatile is the fact that they are so simple.

The whole point of an outdoor bench is that it serves as a sort of resting place.  You can just plop down on it any time you need to take a load off and it will always be there to do the job.  Maybe not as comfortable and plush as your full-length chaise lounge chair, but nonetheless, it still provides a great place to rest your weary body on a great outdoor kind of day.

Some people refer to these as a garden bench.  Typically, these wooden benches are made from a durable wood such as cedar or redwood.  Sure, you can find these in plastic as well.  At Patio Covers Place we like to encourage the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly products where possible, so we would encourage you to look for a sustainable harvested wood source.  Cedar happens to be a great choice for all these reasons and also emits low greenhouse gases.  Similarly, you could get an outdoor bench that is made from recycled materials and will be even more unique for your patio or outdoor space.  Local craftsman, garage sales and other ‘reusable’ benches are great environmental choices.

What Types of Outdoor Storage Benches Are Best?

Now, since you are looking for storage, we’ll need to determine what you plan on storing the majority of the time in your bench.  If it is cushions for your patio furniture, or even the bench cushion itself, then we’ve got a great

A new cedar storage bench.

A new cedar storage bench - it will weather to a nice silvery gray color.

suggestion.  You should definitely opt for cedar bench.  The natural wood oils and earthy scent will not only help protect your cushions from pesky insects, but will keep them smelling fresh as well.  Even though a quality outdoor bench like cedar will weather very nicely, it would still be a good idea to keep it beneath your covered patio during rainy season.  Additionally, storing your patio furniture cushions in these for a long period of time is not recommended.  Unless you are in the season of using them often and just want some temporary protection from the elements, store your cushions indoors.

You can also find plastic storage benches as we mentioned.  These do work well and can hold up to the elements too.  You might find that they don’t have the same charm and warmth that a nice wooden bench provide, but if you are more concerned with function and price, then this might be your preferred choice for your outdoor storage bench.  What can you expect to pay for a quality wooden storage bench?  If you go for a cedar storage bench, you can find smaller ones for around $150 USD and larger, better quality for up to $400 USD.  The size of these benches also helps determine their price.  An average size storage bench like these would measure approximately 54” L x 24” W x 30” H.  In some cases, you can find that your bench will come with a cushion, but this is usually something you need to order if you want one.

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