Outdoor Swings

What is so great about outdoor swings and related products that let you swing or glide is that they really exemplify what a patio is all about.  When you are in the market for a swing for your patio, you’ll need to consider a few options.  The first thing to keep in mind is that there are various styles available, some are for individuals and some are for more than one person.  Some are free-standing and others need to be mounted or hung from a secure position above.  There are also different materials that make up these various swing options.

Lets’ discuss the various types of swings and what makes each one unique for its particular situation, then you can decide for yourself what would work best for you.  Each style may have some other sub-categories or swing shapes within these, but we will cover the broad category and allow you to continue your online search for additional photos and descriptions where necessary.

Outdoor Gliders

outdoor_gliderThese particular types of outdoor swing look very similar in many ways to garden benches.  An outdoor glider is simply a bench-style seat that is mounted to a frame which ‘swings’ back and forth, front to back.  For this reason, it is called a glider.  Rather than have a free form movement, it is controlled within a small forward and backward plane.  With this type of swing, you will find the rhythmical nature quite relaxing.  It only takes minimal effort to get them to glide as well, so it is suitable for most any patio enthusiast, young or old.  The gliders can be found in wood or metal styles.  The most popular wood choices are cedar.  This fine wood is great for outdoor applications because of its look and ability to weather the elements well.  The metal gliders are typically aluminum frames with a nylon mesh fabric that is used for the seat and back.  This type provide a more cushioned feel to them.  If you choose the solid wood option, getting a bench cushion would be a good idea.   photo credit

Patio Swings

patio_swingWhile the term patio swings could be used to cover any range of outdoor swing options, here it refers to those specific swings that usually have an ‘A-frame’ with a canopy over them.  These are like the next category of porch swings but have their own frame.  These, too, have a limited swing radius in the forward and backward plane, but can swing much higher than the gliders back and forth motion.  While the glider has a sliding motion, these outdoor patio swings can actually swing quite high.  This is not necessarily their greatest asset, just something that the younger ones enjoy about them.  The benefit of this type of swing – as it shares with the glider – is that it can be placed on any flat surface, like a deck, patio or the ground.  Another feature of these are the canopies that we mentioned.  Unlike the gliders, these usually have a canopy or cover above the top of the connecting A-frame members.   photo credit

Porch Swings

porch_swingEveryone one who enjoys a good patio, can appreciate the porch swing.  This is, after all, the gold standard for any classic porch setting.  In times gone by, the porch swing was a standard installation on the front decks and porches of our homes.  Now that many of us have taken to the backyard for our patio and deck enjoyment, these swings have migrated there as well.  Traditionally, the porch swing is made of wood and hangs from the porch or patio structure itself.  If you have a pergola or some other type of patio cover, this can make a great attachment point for the swing.  This style of swing has more of a free swinging action from the chains on which it is usually hung.  White is a very traditional color to paint your porch swing, but any color or keeping it in its natural wood tone looks great too.  photo credit


skychairYou may or may not be familiar with this name of outdoor swing.  It is a wonderful chair and one that we highly recommend here at Patio Covers Place.  The Skychair™ is a unique creation that is made in Boulder, Colorado, USA.  These swings are more like hybrid, hammock-chair-swings.  They are some of the most relaxing and supportive chairs we have used.  We’ve got them on our patio as well.  You can order them in a variety of materials and colors.  The classic is a thick cotton canvas that comes in a variety of colors.  We are particularly fond of the hemp variety.  These chairs are very rugged and durable.  They use heavy-duty nylon webbing and double stitching to ensure that it maintains itself.   They are made to fit around you like a sling with specific points of attachment and adjustment that allow for almost unlimited positions.  Then, you can accessorize your Skychair™ with options like armrests, footrests, and even beverage holders.  Because this chair or swing only has one point of attachment, it is easy to mount to your favorite patio or backyard location – please make sure that you follow all the safety guidelines to avoid any injury.  You may not be able to appreciate its comfort and usability from the photo, but once you try one, you too will be hooked on these great outdoor swings.   photo credit

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