Patio Arbors for Your Backyard Space

There is always a good season to enjoy your patio.  Depending upon the climate in your region of the country, you may benefit from even longer patio enjoyment seasons.  What is something that we all need to get more enjoyment from our patio space – shade!  The problem is, you don’t want to sacrifice looks strictly for function.  All too often, this is exactly what happens.  After all, you could simply hang sheets on your patio cover if all you want is shade.  Your neighbors wouldn’t be too thrilled and neither would you, most likely.

So, the question is, how can you carve out a little piece of shady heaven in your garden or patio space?  One attractive option is with patio arbors.  You could consider these both as sculptural pieces in your yard as well as functional places to get a shady seat.  Many times you will see an arbor used to support some vines or other flowering plants over a nice patio swing.  The same type of set up can be achieved by having a garden bench sitting patiently beneath one of these handsome arbors.

What Types Are There?

A perfect spot to sit and swing beneath a patio arbor.

A perfect spot to sit and swing beneath a patio arbor.

An arbor may go by several other names, which we will briefly parse out here.  On Patio Covers Place, we use the term arbor to describe a wood or metal structure that typically has four posts and a cross-beam ‘roof’. They are much like a pergola, except that they are smaller in size and scale.  Occasionally, you will also hear the term trellises used to describe these structures.  A patio trellis, in our mind, is more of a two-dimensional structure that is meant to support smaller growing vines and is often mounted up against a wall or fence for added depth and dimension.
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A patio arbor can also welcome you into your patio or garden space.  They may have an arched roof or top that serve as a door to your space.  You might find that they are usually constructed of wood.  Because of its ability to be crafted into many styles, wood is an easy choice.  Cedar and redwood make excellent choices for their ability to weather to a nice color and also stand up to the elements.

You can care for them by sealing and staining each year for a structure that will last you for years to come.  Metal arbors are also available.  Wrought iron is making a comeback in many outdoor home and garden designs and features.  This will also provide support for your plants and vines, all while adding a nice strength and timeless appearance to your garden space.  Whether you choose wood or metal, you really can’t go wrong with either choice of these patio arbors.

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