Patio Blinds – For Outdoor Shade and Privacy

No matter what you call them, you need to have some type of shade for your patio.  The more flexible that shading is, the more you can enjoy your patio space more of the time.  Patio blinds are just one great way to get both privacy and shade for your patio space.  We’re not going to ask what you do out there, but you certainly don’t want your peering neighbors privy to your every move out there.

Plus, when it is in the middle of the summer or you just need some shade to hang out there a bit longer, pulling the string or pressing the button can bring you instant relief.  We say this because there are, in fact, both manual and motorized blinds and shades.  The manual patio blind is still the most common and is fairly simple to operate.  In most cases, these styles either roll down or have a roman blind type of function, where each panel ‘slides’ down.

This rendition shows patio blinds that will block the sun and provide great privacy.

This rendition shows patio blinds that will block the sun and provide great privacy.

Motorized styles will have a guide wire or track in which the blinds will ride down as they unroll or slide.  In either style, the end result is a type of ‘faux wall’ that is created.  This appearance of a semi-enclosed patio can provide you with more comfort in the shade and a sense of privacy.  Because you can still see through them unless you have a solid fabric material, you don’t feel too enclosed or trapped in a small space.

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Speaking of materials, you can find outdoor shades made in a variety of fabrics and materials.  The trend is moving toward more organic materials that represent a sustainable and environmentally friendly options.  One perfect example of this style is bamboo blinds.  Bamboo is both a natural resource, but is sustainable because it is actually a grass.  This grass grows very quickly and will withstand the outdoor elements on your patio quite well.

Other patio shades that stand up well to the outdoors are the heavier canvas materials and those made with Sunbrella.  This Sunbrella brand fabric is dyed during the stage of production when the fabric material is still and is therefore locked into the final product when it is dried.  This helps to keep them fade free and weather resistant.  At Patio Covers Place, we tend to be in favor of quality materials and above all else environmental and sustainable patio products and accessories.

For this reason, we must weigh product materials versus longevity to determine a products real impact to the planet.  Often, what might seem like an environmentally poor choice, like plastic and polymer-type materials, can actually be better for us in the long run because these materials last longer.  If, for example, you can end up using a patio blind for a longer period of time, it means it is usually of better quality and it also means that it is less waste for our landfills.  This makes certain fabric choices winners in the long-term.

Outdoor patio blinds come in a variety of patterns and colors as well.  If you are trying to match the theme of your home or simply your exterior paint color, you should have no problem.  Something that is not often considered with this type of discussion is the savings in your indoor cooling costs as well.  If you can provide more shade to your patio, then your cooling costs will be less because of less sun exposure.  This is never more true than in a discussion of cooling enclosed patios and sunrooms, too.  Using conservatory blinds can save you a bundle.

This is just another reason to buy quality and consider it an investment that pays for itself.  Pricing for your blinds will vary depending upon the amount of coverage you are looking for.  Don’t be suckered in by going just for the cheap blinds to save on your initial investment.  You’ll be happy that you opted to go for the quality patio blinds.

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