Patio Canopies – The Missing Outdoor Shade Element

When you have a great patio that you would like to enjoy, year-round depending upon your climate, then there are some features that are just “must haves”.  One of these features is patio canopies.  Well, at the very least, patio shade.  Again, depending upon your region, sun can be a major factor in you having a successful outing or quick visit to your backyard only to return to the comfort of your conditioned indoor space.

There are many styles of outdoor shades and canopies from which to choose.  In fact, there are probably some ideas out there that you have never heard of or seen.  One of our favorites here at Patio Covers Place are the Australian shade sails.  These types of canopies work great for a patio.  They are minimally intrusive as far as profile goes and they provide great shade.

This type of patio canopy is usually made of a nylon material, but you can also find them in certain types of canvases as well.  These are typically triangular shaped and have anchor points to buildings or other firmly mounted poles or posts.  The reason behind this is because they are under high tension so you want to make sure that the anchor points are strong and can take the consistent pressure applied by the shade sail.  Additionally, when it is windy, the anchor points will experience more pressure, so it is critical that they can handle it.

We like the Australian patio canopy type of shade.

We like the Australian patio canopy type of shade.

Of course, these are not the only type of shade possibilities for your patio.  If you are looking for a more temporary solution for some shading for a party or get together or special event, then you might consider a pop-up type of shade.  Similarly, if you want some spot shading or need a little burst of color or ambiance, a nice patio umbrella could do the trick for you.  An umbrella is a far cry from a full cover for your patio or deck, but it can add extra shading when necessary.

Since we are on the subject, let’s briefly mention the other ways to achieve shade for your patio.  This would include a discussion about blinds and other outdoor curtains or drapes.  In most cases, the curtains are more for ambiance than for gaining much in the way of shading.  However, if the sun is coming in at an angle, a drape can do good for you.  Similarly, patio blinds are of great benefit in this department – we’ve discussed bamboo blinds here.  You can get them with manual rolling features or have them motorized.  You can learn more details about these by going to our Patio Shades & Awnings category on the home page.

At times, patio canopies fall under the category garden canopy.  This is really a special type of shade structure that is very easy to assemble and have up in no time.  If you are looking for that type of temporary shade structure or something for that event like mentioned above, then this type of patio canopy would work great.  They can be adorned with any number of curtains and pull backs to give them an elegant look.  You can also use them for evening or night entertaining and have a set of patio string lights hung around the edge for a nice detail.  In the end, your patio is a place to get some much needed rest, relaxation and entertainment, so make it as comfortable and shaded as possible for you to enjoy all season – or year – long.

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