Patio Cover Ideas: Keep Them Simple for Best Results

There are many ideas regarding home improvement projects that come from experience and living in a home to see what you like and what you would improve.  When you finally make it to your ‘dream’ home, where ever that is, you have some specific plans for how it will all be laid out and how it will look and function.  Well, this is especially important for indoor designs like the kitchen and bathrooms.  After all, the kitchen is where most people tend to congregate at a party and also where most of the activity takes place.

Now, what about for that backyard patio party?  What are you doing there to make a bigger impact and remodel to allow for more functional space and a better entertaining area?  The choice many people make first is to get some type of patio cover.  If you don’t have much experience with these, then getting some patio cover ideas will be in order.  These ideas could come from several different sources, online is the first and most simple way to come about doing your search.  In fact, it is likely how you found our site.  There are pictures online to browse, fine home magazines you can look through or you can even have an architect and designer sketch some patio cover plans for you to look at.  You will obviously pay for the professional help, but it will be well worth it in the end, because they will be able to match your landscape features and home design to that of your new patio cover – what ever style that happens to be.

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As a brief introduction or outline if you aren’t familiar, there are a few patio covers that stand out as the most common and simple to build.  It doesn’t mean that they are not very handsome and elegant features to add to your space, quite the contrary.  Often, the simplest designs allow for the beauty of the landscape and other backyard features to come forth.  The pergola is likely the most common type of free standing patio cover.

There are other styles, including the gazebo and attached pergola.  The attached version simply has a header beam mounted to the wall of your home and may extend out the roof line a bit to ‘form’ a little patio area.

The pergola and gazebo have some similar features in that they are both usually constructed of wood and are meant to provide an intimate area to relax or entertain.  The pergola is a bit more of an open structure, with a ‘ribbed’ roof that can support a variety of roofs or climbing vines and plants.  Patio roofs could include a metal roof like a folded seam steel or even a nice copper.

Additionally, the roof of your covered patio could be made of a stone product like a Mediterranean tile or cement tile.  The gazebo is more of a semi-closed structure with a wooden roof and some railings, often with built-in bench seating.  Gazebos usually have a bit more in the way of detailing where a pergola has more craftsman styling and simple lines.  Your patio cover ideas should include what type of theme you would like your space to have.  This will greatly help determine what materials will be used and what type of structure you will have built.

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