Deck Lights for Your Patio

There is a definite distinguishing look that you will find when looking at the best patios and patio design ideas.  This characteristic that sets the good ones apart from the great ones is the choice of lighting.  Specifically, choosing the right type of deck lights for your patio space can make all the difference.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you have many options.  For some, the choice is clearly dictated by function.  Some lights will provide the means to navigate your backyard or outdoor space, like flood lighting.  Then, there are more intimate types of lighting like patio lights and outdoor lamps.  While an outdoor lamp could be considered for general lighting as well, it is the design and placement that puts it into one category or another.

It all depends upon what type of outdoor deck lights you are looking for.  There are a variety that range from rope or string lights to more spot lighting that is placed on the end caps of your deck’s railing posts.  These can cast a glow all their own.  When combined with a nice set of string or rope lights, the look creates a nice ambiance.  The warm glow of the rope lighting is welcoming and inviting.

A nice comination of wall mount deck lights and a patio string set of lights.

A nice comination of wall mount deck lights and a patio string set of lights.

Deck lighting has advantages over a more traditional flood light scene because of its ability to be more flexible.  You can light only specific areas and create distinct spaces or outdoor rooms using this type of lighting.  A flood light is much more robust and doesn’t afford you any charm or ambiance.  If what you are after is a more subdued type of light for entertaining and lounging in the evenings, then deck lights are your answer.

Let’s talk about what you may be trying to accomplish with your lighting needs for a moment.  For some, the evening is a great time to enjoy a patio.  It is after work and you just want a place to go to unwind.  Maybe you enjoy entertaining and your deck or patio is a great place for that as well.  With the boom in outdoor room design, you can create most any type of space you’d like.  If you have a more country or mountain type of theme, rustic lighting options exist to help you create that feeling.  If you have a more contemporary type of patio room, finding solar deck lighting will be on your list of priorities.

Since your patio space is for your own enjoyment, you should feel comfortable with whatever type of lighting you find.  There isn’t so much a wrong way or a right way to light your patio, just find a way to make the space you enjoy using even more comfortable and functional for you and your guests.  In the end, deck lights have no extrinsic value so much as the intrinsic value that they will provide you and your leisure.

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