Flexible and Feature Rich Patio Design Ideas

When it comes to patio designs, there are a few key points that need to be addressed.   One of the primary points to pay attention to is the type of use you hope to get from your patio.  In other words, are you more of a patio ‘lounger’ or a patio ‘entertainer’.  You don’t need to fall into only one of these categories, but odds are that you plan to use it one way or the other, primarily.  Knowing this, it is easier to decide on the type of patio design ideas that may be right for your space.

Let’s break it down a little bit further.  Say, for example, that you would classify yourself into the ‘lounge lizard’

This little patio set up highlights features like a pergola, some comfortable furniture, a chiminea and a nice patio floor.

category.  This means that you are more likely to be interested in patio accessories that allow for a more relaxed time.  Items like cushioned patio furniture, a hammock or patio swing, maybe even some patio misters to cool the place down for a more enjoyable ‘extended patio experience’.  They can drop the temperature in your outdoor space by up to 20-30 degrees!

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Now, what if you have more of a semi-formal or entertaining patio style.  That is to say you would prefer to have more of an outdoor living type of space.  Maybe you want a place to cook in, dine in and then relax in with guests over an evening cocktail or glass of wine.  A different type of patio space would be more helpful in each of these styles of patio enthusiast, wouldn’t you say?

Which Patio Ideas Are Right for You?

The design of your patio can be unique or you can go with something more like a kit for ease of installation and construction.  The patio cover kits come in a variety of materials, some wood, some metal and even vinyl materials.  While wood patio covers are the most popular, they do require maintenance to keep them looking and functioning good for years to come.  Vinyl is a popular choice and now comes in different color choices, white, brown and colors that resemble some classic wood stains.  These aluminum patio covers, made famous by Alumawood™ actually have real wood grain characteristics embossed into them.

These are good ideas for the classic pergola, a great framework or structure upon which to design your dream patio.  You can utilize a pergola in order to create a simple patio space or something more exotic or elegant type of outdoor room.  These outdoor rooms can support any number of features that the entertainer can appreciate.  Consider how you could add some great outdoor dining furniture to create an amazing setting outdoors.

Perhaps your style of eating outdoors is cooking out there as well.  This is where the men are separated from the boys, so to speak.  Sure, there are outdoor grills in a variety of styles, but there are also outdoor kitchen designs that could rival the best commercial kitchens out there.  Pair this with a nice bar set up and you are sure to wow your guests!

This is in contrast to the type of patio fireplace over which a lounge lizard might enjoy cooking.  This kills two birds with one stone.  They can sit out by the fire in their swing or hammock and then jump out to turn the burgers.  There is no type of design that is right, just what is right for you and your lifestyle.

Patio design ideas range from having an open patio roof to something either more fully closed or semi-closed, like a lattice cover.  This lattice structured roof is like what the pergola offers.  There are also covered patio designs that are more suitable for climates with wetter weather or for those settings where one doesn’t want their kitchen or dining areas to be exposed to the elements quite so much.

Other considerations for outdoor patio designs include things like having the structure attached to one’s home or free-standing structures in your backyard space.  Again, pergola style patio covers are great for these applications as they can be used effectively in both ways.

Building  A Patio Cover

There are some key points to consider when constructing or building a patio cover.  You’ll need to know the space or dimensions that are available to you.  How much space do you have to work with?  This will help determine the best type of structure for your needs.

Next, you can also determine the shape of the space you have.  Is your patio area more of an oval shaped area or do you have a rectangular or square dimensions?  These, again, will help prepare for your other landscape design features.  Whether you have a pool landscape feature you are incorporating or a desert xeriscaping plan, both the size and shape of your space will give you a better sense of your design options.

Then, there are the soil and ground features themselves to consider regarding building.  In terms of the plot, you’ll need to ensure that the grading is such that your patio is level and stable.  Now, you can also slope your patio in a way to give you proper drainage and flow away from your home’s foundation.  This is dependent on where you build, too.  You may have some other more complex patio design ideas that will give you multiple levels and dimensions to your patio space.

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